Luka News & More!

Hey friends!

I know I’ve fallen off the social media grid without much to report or update in the world of publishing, but I have been working behind the scenes (granted, not as regularly or as efficiently as I’d like … darn pandemic!) 

Since my last release, I’ve completed two YA manuscripts, both of which I’m very excited to share! If you want to receive updates on these (such as sneak peeks and release dates), please subscribe to my email list! I haven’t sent anything out in ages (legit cobwebs), but I do hope to have more specific information soon. 

Also … I have some fun news!

I’ve been working on a Luka story! When it comes to The Gifting series, quite a few readers have reached out asking for more. So I decided to take a page out of Stephanie Meyers’ playbook and write The Gifting from Luka’s point of view. It’s been super fun revisiting these characters and this story world I had such a blast creating. If you’re wanting the latest info on this project, my email list is the place to get it! 

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5 thoughts on “Luka News & More!

  1. Dana

    This is so so exciting!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Lisa Lawton

    Looking forward to lots of good reading!

  3. Heidi Moran

    You had me at “luka”

  4. Terésa

    Two new YA books and a Luka story in the pipeline? Best. News. Ever! Totally worth the wait.

  5. Su Attenberger

    I was hoping Luka’s story would be in the works! Can’t wait.


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