The Eden Pruitt Series


It is officially complete! 

All four books in The Eden Pruitt series are now available in paperback and ebook. Audio is also available for Eden 1 and 2, with audio for Eden 3 and 4 to follow in late fall.

I am so excited to share this story with readers! 

Here’s the most recent review from a customer on Amazon:


“Though I’m a big fan of shows like Dateline, Snapped and the like, suspense isn’t a genre I read. And a YA dystopian sci fi? Forget about it. I came to this story after reading another of the author’s books (No One Ever Asked). I’m glad I did. It did not disappoint.

Action, suspense and romance- it’s all in there. Back stories are explained, character development is top-tier. The twists and turns don’t end. Who can you trust? Are things really the way they appear? The questions escalate with every chapter. Main character Eden Pruitt is more nuanced than she originally appears.

This book is an adventure from the opening page. And like her prior story, it stays with you after the book is closed. Very well done!”

Life is bonkers right now. The headlines are a hot mess. Doom scrolling is a real problem. We could all use a healthy, fun escape! I sure hope this series can provide exactly that.

Happy reading, my friends!

Your Next Book Binge Awaits!

The Eden Pruitt Series is on the cusp of completion!

And let me tell you, the final installment was a DOOZY to write. A time or two (or three or four), I genuinely thought I might have to throw in the towel. This book was going to be the end of me. But I kept plodding along, stopping to brainstorm a lot along the way, and now I’m thrilled to report, not only is the final installment finished, I love where it landed! 

No longer a trilogy, as I first imagined, but a four-book series. Yep. Four books.  

Four books are better than three, right!?

The Revelation of Eden Pruitt (book 3) releases on August 15. The Retribution of Eden Pruitt (book 4) will follow on August 29.

Aren’t the covers so fun!? Courtney Walsh designed them. She is amazing, as always.

If you’re looking for your next book binge, might I recommend this series!?

You can start with book 1, The Fabrication of Eden Pruitt, which is available in ebook, audiobook, and signed paperback on K.E. Ganshert Books

If you’ve already read books 1 and 2 and need a refresher, check out these book summaries.

And … could I maybe ask a favor?

If you’ve read (or plan to read) the first book, would you consider leaving a review?

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Thank you so very much, and happy reading! 

The Aberration of Eden Pruitt (Book 2)

Hey Friends ~

A new release drops TODAY! The second installment in The Eden Pruitt Series, The Aberration of Eden Pruitt, is officially available in ebook, paperback, and audio on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and OF COURSE, my online book store, K.E. Ganshert Books!

If you haven’t read Book 1 yet, now’s the perfect time to go on a book reading binge! Grab your copy of The Fabrication of Eden Pruitt at any of those same outlets listed above. 

The Eden Pruitt Series will have one final installment, which I’m working on now. Here’s to hoping the characters cooperate so I can get it out as soon as possible! 

Until then, I hope you enjoy the first two installments in this new series that is filled with suspense, romance, and some pretty wild twists and turns! If you’re so inclined, reviews on any of the retail stores and reviews on my online store are SUPER helpful!



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