Simplifying with Kindle Unlimited

Hey Friends – 

‘Tis a new year, which provides the perfect opportunity for a reset. I’ve decided to take a step back from writing in 2024. I’m shifting this gig from full-time job to when-the-muse-strikes hobby. I want this creative endeavor to feel less like a slog and more like a playground. 

So in that vein, I’m simplifying.

No more wide distribution or online book store (all of which requires administrative time that sucks the life out of me). Instead, I’m going with one distributor: Amazon. Which means ALL my books are now on KU (Kindle Unlimited). If you’re a member, or if you know people who are, let them know. It’s a great time to go on a major K.E. Ganshert book reading binge!

I hope your 2024 is off to a spectacular start!