A Writerly Update

Well, hello there Reader Friends!

It’s been awhile, yeah?

I thought I’d hop on the ol’ website and jot a quick writerly update. I hope this finds you healthy and sane in the midst of such bizarre and trying times. 

Several years back, I sat down and wrote The Gifting Trilogy, and ever since, I’ve been an author torn between two genres: Young Adult of the semi-peculiar variety, and Contemporary Fiction of the faith-based variety. I love them both dearly, with a note in my phone filled with story ideas for each one. After a year-long writing hiatus in 2018, I decided I would take a good crack at the YA. 

I have one completed manuscript under my belt (which my agent has categorized as young adult near-future thriller), and have spent this past year working on another in the same-ish wheelhouse. 

The good news? I’m having a whole lot of fun, especially with my current manuscript, which has been pretty darn angst-free. A gift from above, truly. Especially in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. 

The uncertain news? I don’t know when exactly I’ll get to share these stories. Like everything else, the publishing world is in major flux at the moment. But here is what I do know: At some point, I will get to share them. 

Which leaves me with two quick things:

  1. Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to ask, “What’s next?” I love that you’ve found my books and have enjoyed them enough to want more!

  2. When the times comes, I for real cannot wait to share more about these two book-babes of mine!  

Stay safe, Reader Friends! Stay sane, and healthy, too!

Much Love,