Battle Four: Wavy Hair

pinterest wavesIt’s time for Becky to throw down a challenge and so she has.

Supposedly, all you need is a flat iron, some hair ties, and the ability to braid.

The directions?

Separate your hair into sections, braid, run a flat iron over each section, (hairspray and repeat if you so desire), unbraid, and….

Voila – pretty waves!

We’ll post our results on Friday. Should be interesting!

Feel free to join in the fun! Who knows? Maybe we’ll find a new favorite hairstyle.

If you haven’t already seen our previous three Pinterest battles, you can find them on Becky’s Pinterest War board or mine.

Let’s Talk: What’s your favorite way to wear or style your hair? Men, I know you’re dying to answer this question.

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6 thoughts on “Battle Four: Wavy Hair

  1. […] The Pinterest Battle this week was simple. Braid sections of hair. Run a flat iron over the braids. And voila! Pretty waves. […]

  2. Cherie Kasper

    This does sound a little risky, probably a good idea not to leave the flat iron in any one place to long. What if you already have wavy hair, without doing this. I do, would much rather have straight. Love your fun with all these different tasks though.

  3. Oooo can’t wait to see the results for this one! 😀

  4. WAIT!!!!

    Please be careful.

    1. Seriously, I felt awful for this girl. It’s funny, but NOT funny.
      Oh my word, Katie, you can’t go to the Congo with half your hair burnt off.

  5. I wear my hair short. Wash and go.


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