An October Pinterest War: Final Battle

mummy challengeI think our talent stops with hotdogs.

This final battle in the Fall Pinterest War between good friend and fellow author, Becky Wade, seemed simple enough.

In theory. 

These bad boys are supposed to resemble mummies. 

Who did the best rendition?

That’s up to you!

For a chance to win some yummy Starbucks coffee, go ahead and vote – #1 or #2.

Becky and I will announce whose mummies received the most votes on Friday, as well as the winner of the coffee!

And in case you missed it on Facebook last week, here were the results of our pumpkin carving battle:

pumpkin collage

Becky’s pumpkin won by a very narrow margin and got to wear the crown:

becky's winning pumpkin

The good news is, I’m sending my medical bills for my wrist tendinitis to the winner. Seriously readers, thanks for making these so much fun by participating! Becky and I have decided we have the coolest, most fun readers around!

Let’s Talk: What say you – which hotdog mummy wins?

An October Pinterest War: Battle 2 Results

familypicsfinalI’m not sure if something’s in the air or what, but Becky Wade and I are managing to put out some respectable end results!

Last week’s messy bun was not nearly as disastrous as we thought, and we had some really fun, amazing participation from awesome readers like yourself!

And this week’s family picture is kinda cute too! This happened to be a perfect weekend for the Gansherts to tackle this challenge, since we were in Wisconsin for a wedding and Ryan’s mom is an excellent photographer.

But lest we fool you too greatly, here are some outtakes (as well as some more reader participants jumping into the fray).


Care to play along?

Please do!

I’m giving away THREE books as incentive! All you have to do is post your own rendition of the photo above to my Facebook page or Becky’s Facebook page by midnight Wednesday, and you’ll be entered to win one of the books (a choice of my books or two other brand new ones). If you’re sitting there thinking, “But wait a minute. I’m not married and I don’t have kids.” No problem! We encourage creativity! If that includes using animals or inanimate objects (or pictures within a picture), then so be it! 

We’ll announce the winners on Friday and our next Pinterest battle. And I do promise, this one is sure to be a disaster! It involves pumpkins and romance…..have fun guessing!

Let’s Talk: Do you have fond memories or un-fond memories of family pictures?


An October Pinterest War: Battle 1 Results

pinterestwarLast spring, fellow contemporary romance author, Becky Wade and I engaged in a Pinterest War, wherein we took turns challenging one another to various Pinterest endeavors. It was….not pretty, but definitely amusing! If Becky and I proved anything, I think we proved that neither of us are going to win a crafty award or adorable family picture award anytime soon.

Nonetheless, a new war has been declared!

The first battle?

A messy bun.

We announced it on our Facebook Pages last Friday.

And the results are in….

messy buns collage

I must say, we were both pleasantly surprised that our hair looks…..dare I say it? Kinda cute! What was even more surprising was how incredibly easy this was to pull off. It required two hairbands, a couple bobby pins, some hair spray, about three minutes total – and voila!

Who wants to play along? (Check out this tutorial)

Becky is giving away FOUR brand new books as a prize (one of her books, along with  three Bethany House books). To enter to win, all you have to do is give this Pinterest challenge a try and post a picture of your results on my Facebook page or Becky’s by midnight, Wednesday.

We’ll choose a winner on Thursday and announce that winner on our Facebook pages on Friday, along with our second Pinterest battle!

We hope you enjoy following our October Pinterest War!

Let’s Talk: What say you – who won this first battle? Are you a fan of messy buns?