An October Pinterest War: Battle 1 Results

pinterestwarLast spring, fellow contemporary romance author, Becky Wade and I engaged in a Pinterest War, wherein we took turns challenging one another to various Pinterest endeavors. It was….not pretty, but definitely amusing! If Becky and I proved anything, I think we proved that neither of us are going to win a crafty award or adorable family picture award anytime soon.

Nonetheless, a new war has been declared!

The first battle?

A messy bun.

We announced it on our Facebook Pages last Friday.

And the results are in….

messy buns collage

I must say, we were both pleasantly surprised that our hair looks…..dare I say it? Kinda cute! What was even more surprising was how incredibly easy this was to pull off. It required two hairbands, a couple bobby pins, some hair spray, about three minutes total – and voila!

Who wants to play along? (Check out this tutorial)

Becky is giving away FOUR brand new books as a prize (one of her books, along with  three Bethany House books). To enter to win, all you have to do is give this Pinterest challenge a try and post a picture of your results on my Facebook page or Becky’s by midnight, Wednesday.

We’ll choose a winner on Thursday and announce that winner on our Facebook pages on Friday, along with our second Pinterest battle!

We hope you enjoy following our October Pinterest War!

Let’s Talk: What say you – who won this first battle? Are you a fan of messy buns?

6 thoughts on “An October Pinterest War: Battle 1 Results

  1. […] Last week’s messy bun was not nearly as disastrous as we thought, and we had some really fun, amazing participation from awesome readers like yourself! […]

  2. Super cute! My hair may be too thick and long for this one. It’s hard to achieve any sort of volume up top. But maybe I’ll try it. Of course, that would require actually doing my hair in the next few days…hmmmm.

  3. Yay I love the return of the Pinterest wars. I’m actually wearing a messy bun today but it looks nowhere near as cool as your guys’s…which is why it’s mostly covered up with a hat at the moment… 🙂

  4. You two are adorable and hilarious!! Love the boxing pic, and I have got to show this tutorial to daughter #3. She’s into the whole brushing her hair 100X b4 going to bed and working that side pony like a diva. 🙂

  5. This one was fun and easy and I stand amazed that — yes! — our results are actually pleasing. To achieve the inspiration look, I think a person would need to have hair the same length as Kate’s (the blogger who posted this pic to Pinterest). My hair is too long to pull little wisps out like she did. If I’d done tried, I’d have had pieces trailing down to my shoulder blades.

    1. Totally agree! I couldn’t pull strands out – so didn’t nail the exact look. But still a cute hairstyle. Hubby liked it, so I’d say that’s a success! 🙂


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