Romance at its Finest

This is romance.

And it gets me every time.

Robert McQuilken’s resignation speech from Columbia Bible College and Seminary.

Let’s Talk: What’s your definition of romance?

17 thoughts on “Romance at its Finest

  1. Ganise

    Thinking about this audio again. So very good.

  2. Ganise


    It always gets me when a guy gets emotional talking about his wife. AND praise God THIS is the right occasion to talk about the following…

    PEOPLE! Have y’all seen the movie A Beautiful Mind (based on a real story about a man overcoming a TERRIBLE schizophrenia with the help of his wife) ?

    Finished it yesterday and I played and replayed the last scene. IT’S BEEN CLOSE TO 10 TIMES NOW AND A TEAR FALLS EVERY DARN TIME!!

    Oh mercy.

  3. This is love.

  4. Wow! How beautiful!

  5. Amy Matayo

    Wow, crying!! Thanks for sharing, Katie!

  6. I love it! Your post inspired me to post a video on my blog with an equally beautiful story of romance.

  7. Grace

    Thanks for sharing this. A wonderful example of true love!

  8. Yes. Tears welling up. This is true love. Love that lasts and sacrifices and holds on to the very end. So thankful I have a hubby who would do this for me, I have no doubt. Even if he doesn’t buy me roses and rings and write love notes all the time, he is there for me, for life. Beautiful

  9. Katie – thank you for sharing this today. Wow.

  10. So beautiful. So touching.

    In two Saturdays, my husband and I celebrate our seventeenth anniversary. Can’t believe we’re almost to twenty. And I know there are a lot of people out there married much longer than us, but there’s such a difference between newlywed love and love that’s been tested. Love that’s been through the trenches may not be quite as romantic or swoon worthy :), but it means a whole lot more. And it’s so much stronger. So much deeper. So much more beautiful. Obviously that’s what this man and his wife had.

    Thanks for sharing, Katie.

  11. Beautiful! Thank you!

  12. Aww!! My definition of romance: the perfect mix of laughter and silence. I love it when I can laugh my head off with someone AND sit in silence with no need to fill the quiet. That’s a happy romance, to me. 🙂

  13. Wow! So much could be said for the example of people like this who’ve had their love refined and proven over time. To me that is definitely romance! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Sweetness!

    My man is not what most people would call a romantic. But there are moments. Many of those moments are when he braves it to act out of character, out of his safe zone & does something remarkably memorable and endearing. I treasure those times.

  15. I have heard of this expression of love — I had never actually heard it until today.
    Thank you for sharing this, Katie.

  16. Beautiful . . . what a perfect way to show love

  17. Oh. My. Word. Katie! I’ve never seen this before, but yes. Wow. I think sometimes we as a society and culture focus too much on young love and the first feelings of romance and forget to look at the deep and rich romance that comes from a long relationship. Love is SO much more than feelings. Thank you for sharing!


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