Last Friday 3 C’s!

Best Buds
Side note: My husband gets B-man ready for bed, which means his pajamas almost never match.

Labor Day is upon us. Which means summer is over and so is my summer blogging schedule.

Today will be the last of Friday 3 C’s. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and enjoyed sharing. I’ve loved the little glimpses into your lives.

I’ll be taking Labor Day off to enjoy time with the family and will resume regular posting on Wednesday.

But I’m going to change things up a bit. My attempt to stay relevant without losing my mind.

Here’s the slightly altered blogging program:

Mondays – insights for the writing journey

Wednesday – reflections on faith, adoption, love, and life

Friday – Friday Favorites. Links to my favorite blog posts from the week.

I’ve had a headache for six days in a row. I’m not even kidding. But hey, if that’s my only concern, then I really have nothing to complain about!

You can win a free, signed copy of Wildflowers from Winter on Maria Morgan’s blog. If you already have a copy, doesn’t mean you can’t win another to give away as a gift!

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I have a new page on my website called Facebook Fun, in which I share my Facebook game plan. If you’re a writer, I highly recommend having a game plan when it comes to that tricky Facebook Page.

My virtual bookshelf is all up to date!

Let’s Talk: What are your cares, concerns, and celebrations this week? Any fun Labor Day plans?

Friday 3 C’s

 How is it Friday already!?

Low key week here in the Ganshert household.

No concerns (except for a lost pair of glasses). No big celebrations. Just some good old fashioned fun.

We went to the zoo.

We went to the pool.

I worked on line edits.

I love how relaxing the tail end of summer has been in my little corner of the universe.

Let’s Talk: What are your cares, concerns, and celebrations? How’s the end of summer been treating you?

Friday 3 C’s

There are so many reasons why I love that picture up there. But one of the biggest is the story shining through it.

Meet my gorgeous friend, Holly, and her handsome husband, Joel. Not only did they walk through the dark valley of infertility, their adoption fell through. In the midst of the heartache, Holly was able to minister to a woman contemplating abortion in a way she never could have had she not spent so many years longing for a baby. That woman chose life for her child. And later, Holly found out she was pregnant.  

Holly and Joel are a living testimony that God can bring wildflowers from winter. Reminds me of all the real-life “wildflowers from winter” stories so many of you shared a few months ago. Reading them never gets old!

A fun fact for readers? Holly is the face of Robin Price, the main character in Wishing on Willows, which releases March 19, 2013.


I finished a novel I have been working on for two years! A story I almost quit multiple times for various reasons. It’s always been this thing that’s loomed over my head. A to-do that I never thought I’d check off my list. But now it is and I’m having a blast brainstorming future novels!

My awesome web designer, Jason Walker, added a Welcome Packet sign up button at the top of my website (see it up there?) and on my Author Page on Facebook. I enjoy sending these out, so if you haven’t signed up already, please do!

Tipsy made a major comeback. The fish is alive and swimming. I’m a little weirded out.

Let’s Talk: What are your cares, concerns, and celebrations this week?