Behind the Scenes with Robin

Behind the Scenes with Robin

Meet Robin Price. Well, really, this is Holly Hassenzahl, one of my best friends. When I wrote the character of Robin, I fashioned her physical appearance after Holly. I have no idea what Holly’s doing in that last picture, but it captures her personality so well! Thanks, Holly, for being such a good sport and letting me use your face for Robin! I love you, woman.






Fast Facts about Robin 

Height: 5′ 5″

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Pale blue

Alma Mater: St. Ambrose University with a double major in Music and Interior Design

Occupation: Before the story begins, she works as a free-lance interior designer and piano instructor.

Siblings: only child

Hometown: She was born in Chicago and moved to Peaks when she was 12 so her father could do legal work for the local Alcoa Plant

Interests/Hobbies: singing, playing the piano, baking, interior design