Updates and Cover Reveals and Fun News, Oh My!

The Gifting series

It’s been a busy, crazy summer! Life-wise. But also, writing-wise. I think most of you know that I’ve ventured into new terrain. Not only the world of young adult literature, but also the world of indie publishing.

I’m in the process of putting out my first ever Young Adult series, indie-style. Book 1 (The Gifting) and 2 (The Awakening) are out in the world, and book 3 (The Gathering) will be following VERY soon.

You guys. Let’s talk about the final cover. I cannot stop staring at it. Seriously. It’s perfect in every conceivable way. Major props to Sarah Hansen with Okay Creations on these three beauties! I couldn’t be happier with them.

TheGather Amazon

I have to tell you, this project has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever written.

Wrapping up the series has been bittersweet. Sweet because holy buckets of gravy, ending a trilogy is no easy feat. Penning the end and feeling a measure of confidence while doing so was a two-strand twist of satisfaction and exhilaration. Bitter because you guys. I love these characters. I loved every second I got to spend in their world. I hate to say goodbye.

The good news?

I don’t have to. Not really. That’s the joy of being a writer. Every time a new reader picks up The Gifting and begins Tess’s journey and (even better) tells me about it, it’s like I get to jump into the world all over again. I hope you feel the same way whenever you share The Gifting Series with your friends.

If you’re wanting to stay up to date on the exact release date of book 3, make sure to subscribe to K.E. Ganshert’s email list. The tentative release date was September 8th, but we’re well ahead of schedule, so there’s no reason to make readers wait that long.

Also, a dear reader created this super fun quiz where you answer 12 questions and find out what YOUR gifting would be if you lived in Tess’s world. You don’t even have to have read the books to take it!

On top of wrapping up this series, I’ve also been going through final stages of edits for two novellas releasing this fall. The Perfect Arrangement, which is another Zondervan Year of Weddings novella, and was a total BLAST to write. Light-hearted and giddy and fun, with much of the story told via email messages. Can’t wait to share it with everyone in late September!

The Perfect Arrangement

As well as Guiding Star, my contribution to Amish Christmas at North Star. Yep, you read that right. Amish. Not my typical genre. I guess this is the year of branching out, since I don’t typically write young adult either. The difference is that while I hope to write more young adult in the future, I can’t see myself writing anymore Amish. I truly enjoyed trying something new and I’m 100% happy and excited with how this project turned out. I just flat-out don’t know enough about the Amish to write it. Major props to the authors who do! And major thanks to Cindy Woodsmall and Mindy Starns Clark for holding my hand as I asked them an onslaught of questions! Those women know their stuff.

Amish Christmas at North Star

An October Bride (my first Year of Weddings story) has been nominated for a Carol Award in the novella category. A Broken Kind of Beautiful won a Christy Award in the Contemporary Romance category. An honor I still can’t believe, even when I swivel my chair around and spot this beauty up on the shelf.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 12.25.33 PM

And last, but not least, I signed another contract with Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group. Thankfully, they understand that I’m smack dab in the middle of one of those chaotic seasons. The Gansherts are adjusting to life as a family of four, as well as life with a child with special needs (our daughter was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy). It’s messy and beautiful and overwhelming and about a hundred other things. Which means, writing time is not currently my top priority. My publisher has been kind enough to give me an extra comfortable cushion for getting this first book turned in.

I can’t tell you how thrilled and humbled I am to be able to continue this journey. To write two more books under the Katie Ganshert women’s fiction/contemporary romance brand. I have no idea what these stories will turn out to be. I only know that God will provide and sustain and equip and mold and speak and I can’t wait to see what shakes out as a result.


As you can see, I’ve been blogging much less. I’m transitioning away from regular blogging to my quarterly newsletter. I’ve sent out two so far – a spring newsletter back in April, and a summer newsletter earlier this month. Not only do I include a short devotional in each one–from my heart to yours–I also share a couple book recommendations, great book bargains (for readers on a tight budget), and each one includes a book give away! If that sounds like something you’d like to receive, make sure to sign up!

18 thoughts on “Updates and Cover Reveals and Fun News, Oh My!

  1. Ralph Merola

    Katie, my wife and I have been reading your devotions in the Daily Guidepost. I just found out online that you and your husband finally got your baby girl from the Congo. Our prayers for your success were answered. Take care and God bless. Ralph from St. Louis, MO.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thank you so much for the prayers, Ralph! And for reading the devos in Daily Guidepost!

  2. Katie, congratulations on book 3! I have just discovered The Gifting series so I need to catch up! I am an aspiring author with a passion for women’s fiction and YA (especially so that my kids will have something clean, passionate, and inspiring to read when they grow up!). Would you have any advice or care to share your story on writing women’s fiction and how you came to change genre as well as what helped you along the way?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Hi Nicki! I’m so sorry for the delayed response! I forgot to check for comments and never approved this one! Always a pleasure connecting with other authors, aspiring or otherwise. 🙂

      I share my writing journey here on my website. It’s under my ABOUT tab. So you can click on there and give it a read. As far as changing genres. I just had this story I needed to tell. It was SO MUCH FUN! And so I started writing it. Originally, I didn’t think I’d do anything with it. But then indie publishing has become such a thing and I wanted to try it out and this felt like the perfect project to do my trying. It’s worked out really great so far!

  3. Thinking of you and your family, Katie. Wishing you all the best with your daughter. I’m glad she is finally with you all after that long journey to bring her home. 🙂

    As a reader, I’m very much excited for that new contract and cannot wait to see what else comes under the Katie (or K.E.) Ganshert pen. Looking forward to finishing your YA trilogy, too. Congrats on all your amazing accomplishments. 🙂

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the trilogy, girl! Thanks for he congrats!

  4. Andrea Cox

    Katie, congratulations on the nomination, win, new contract, and figuring out life as a mom of two. Can’t believe how busy you are or the two new genres you’ve dipped into. So proud of you!

    Hey, if you’re ever in need of a copy editor, keep me in mind. I’d be glad to work on your indie books with you.

    Hope the writing goes well when you’re able to squeeze it in. And I hope God rains blessings upon your sweet family.

    Writer, Copy Editor

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thanks so much Andrea!

  5. Caroline

    Dear Katie,

    I am so happy for you that your daughter has finally come home! Wishing you the Lord’s guidance as you navigate these days of all the adjustments and joys of becoming a Mama to two! Blessings and Congratulations!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thank you, Caroline! It’s been quite the journey!

  6. Cindy

    (Knew you had to be a “leftie”!) As a 64-yr-old career business exec, I was absolutely floored by my emotional response to your Gifting books…definitely NOT my usual genre choice, as I’m more a hard-boiled murder mystery or patriotic espionage person. Found your #1 installment on GoodReads and gave it a try only because all my favorite authors are in “mid-book mode”. It’s now 7:30am, and my eyes are sore and bloodshot from reading #2 literally all night! Thank goodness I don’t work anymore so I can sleep today… Glad to hear #3 will be available sooner than 8 Sep, because don’t think I could wait that long. I want — no NEED — it NOW!! And I do wish you’d consider making the tale more than a trilogy; I have no doubt your talent can accommodate a lengthened storyline. I design one-of-a-kind jewelry from glass-blown lampwork beads and Swarovski crystals… can I bribe you for an advance copy by making something special for you??? Just kidding, as I know your other fans are just as anxiously awaiting its arrival as I am. It’s just so danged hard to be patient, never a strong personality trait of mine under the best of circumstances… Please hurry…

    1. Katie Ganshert

      LOVE this comment! Always music to an author’s ears when they hear a reader stayed up all night reading one of their books! You shouldn’t have to wait too long! I’m hoping to have it out in 2-3 weeks. So glad you’re enjoying the trilogy! Number three definitely wraps up the series really well, but I’m not at all averse to some spin-offs and things like that should ideas come! 🙂

  7. Katie! My Kindle sensed my angst and promptly died on me to save me The Gifting torture! There is of course the downside of having to replace said Kindle but at least my odds of making it onto the plane with great reading ahead are looking good 🙂

    So thrilled about the many joys you are experiencing this season. And of course can’t WAIT for the next Katie Ganshert romance.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Yay! I hope your plane ride goes fabulously fast with Tess and Luka keeping you company! AND! I get to see you in Dallas!

  8. Katie – I am SOOOOOO thrilled with you about EVERYTHING!!! What an exciting season in your life!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us, even in the midst of such a busy life. You’re AWESOME in every way!!!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      No, YOU are, Lora! 😉 Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday, girl!

  9. Oh, Katie!! My daughter and I LOVED The Gifting and finished it in a day-we devoured it and could not put it down! We went B&N wanting to pick up The Awakening and were devastated to find it wasn’t there. Boo. We’ve ordered it and are already battling (rock/scissors/paper) over who’ll get to read it first. 🙂

    1. Katie Ganshert

      So so glad you enjoyed! Totally makes my day, Natalie! The one downfall to indie publishing is that the books aren’t in brick and mortar stores. But they’re VERY easy to order online! 🙂


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