The Gifting E-Book Sale!

sale for 99 cents

First, the entire Gifting series is complete and available for purchase in both e-book and paperback. Book 3–The Gathering–released last week and the feedback I’ve been getting from readers has been so much fun!

Second, book 1 is on sale this week only for 99 cents! If you’ve been hearing about the series and you’re still not quite sure, or if you’re not sure young adult is your genre, then here’s a cheap way to give it a try!

Readers are saying things like…

“This might be THE best dystopia book I’ve read so far.”

“It was so good, I read it twice!”

“I am without a doubt obsessed with this series!”

“I could not… COULD NOT put this book down! WOW! Just WOW!”

“If you even remotely like The Hunger Games or Divergent series then this is for YOU! This blows them out of the water!!! I absolutely could not put this trilogy down. And I was ALWAYS let down by the final book in those other trilogies but The Gifting GETS BETTER AND BETTER through the entire series.”

You can buy it on: