Battle Six: A Candle Craft

candleIt’s Becky’s turn to throw down a challenge in this Pinterest War of ours and she’s going crafty on us!

I’m pretty excited about this one for two main reasons:

First, the finished product is primple – which is my made-up word for pretty + simple, which is my style.

Second, for a non-crafty person, this doesn’t look too intimidating!

All you do is find a glass jar.

Carefully tear out a page from a favorite book (I know, this may make some people cringe).

Cut some hearts.

Stick in the jar with a votive candle.

Add some twine.

And voila! A primple craft for your nightstand.

Hopefully the paper doesn’t catch on fire.

If you join in the fun this round, you may just have a shot at winning some books! Check out my Facebook page for more details (the books I’ll be giving away will be posted later this morning!)

Let’s Talk: Have you ever unintentionally set something on fire?

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6 thoughts on “Battle Six: A Candle Craft

  1. I suggest you look at Kevin’s Kandles. An innovative Safer, Convenient, Inexpensive and Environmentally Friendly Candle.
    Creativity is only limited by your imagination. Try adding food coloring, marbles, seashells, …..the possibilities are endless.
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  2. Ganise

    This is special. Definitely the product of a romantic’s idea. Aww…

  3. um…that’s definitely a fire hazard. i guess if it does catch fire, at least it’s in a glass jar and fairly contained. however…just bought a new house, so likely not gonna happen. best of luck to you two, though! i’ve not engaged in the wars since my disaster resurrection rolls…but it’s fun watching you duke it out with becky. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Rebecca

    This looks like a cute craft, but as a librarian, I am not in favor of the ‘ripping a page out of your favorite book part.’

  5. With her history, it’s maybe best for Melissa Tagg to sit this one out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m willing to risk burning down my house in order to complete Pinterest Challenge 6. At the very least I can look forward to the arrival of handsome firefighters, right?!

    I’ve yet to set anything on fire, but I did call the Fire Department once when my carbon monoxide detector went off. The firemen arrived in the big truck with sirens blaring. When I opened my door to all of them standing on my porch I was nearly bowled over by their combined attractiveness. …I wouldn’t mind experiencing that again…

  6. Haha, as soon as you started talking about this craft, I started thinking, “But what if the paper catches on fire.” I have slight issues with starting fires.

    Also, I love “primple.”

    It definitely looks like a pretty craft. Best wishes on the challenge!


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