Battle Five Results: Family Feet (Sort of)

feet pinterest challengeOkay, so our dog didn’t exactly cooperate.

We tried several times to get him to lay on his back and put his hind paws up on the couch, but he was having absolutely none of it.

Hence, our photo.

Perhaps not the next framer, but definitely laughter inducing.

Let it be known, we have a bigger, harder to handle dog than the Wades. Just sayin’.

Becky and I give it a B+ for kid fun (there was giggling involved).

A B for easiness.

And a B- for beauty/resemblance to the original.

Join us next week for our 6th Pinterest Battle! It’s Becky’s turn to throw down a challenge. I’m ready!

Let’s Talk: Would you ever hang a picture of feet in your house?

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8 thoughts on “Battle Five Results: Family Feet (Sort of)

  1. Ganise

    Haha, this pic is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen this week! I just keep looking at it.

  2. Ganise

    HA! That made laugh. Bless you and Becky.

    And Beth, you said that it’s Katie Birthday??


    If so, the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU, KATIE!! (Or belated Birthday if it was during the week.) You are kind, lovely, pretty and inspiring and I’m SO glad we got the chance to connect!



  3. Oh My Word … you are cracking me up, Katie!!!
    And by the way: Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. This challenge was the funniest yet! We first tried to take the photo off the edge of a bed. Not a chance of getting the camera to take a pic at the right angle. We then moved to the living room sofa, set the camera timer, rangled the dog, and stuck up our bare feet. The Wade photo you’re seeing is the second of 2 attempts.

    Let it be noted that our dog wasn’t thrilled about participating in the feet photo either. :))) Am wondering how the inspiration photo family guaranteed the cooperation of their (medium-to-big looking) dog…

    1. Katie Ganshert

      I’m convinced they get it a sedative.

  5. I cracked up the second I saw your picture!! Because yeah…big dogs…they just don’t cooperate!

  6. I HAVE a photo of feet hung in my house. 🙂 We were at the beach in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia and on a whim I got my four children and myself to stand in a circle then I took a photo of all our feet. I love that photo. I got it printed onto canvas and it hangs on my loungeroom wall. 🙂 Gotta be different!

  7. Holly

    LOL, Joel tried to do a pic like this after Mara was born. Warts have a way of ruining things like this. And I’m not saying whose foot it was on…


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