Battle Seven Results: Creepy

smokey eyesThis is what we’ve learned from battle seven:

  • Close up pictures of non-airbrushed eyes are super creepy.
  • My eyelashes look like spider legs.
  • There’s a reason cheap makeup is cheap.

Becky and I give this one a B- for easiness.

Maybe an A for the kind of fun a person might have wearing this much make-up.

And a B- for beauty/resemblance to the original.

Although me thinks we might be being generous with ourselves on that last one!

We have one last Pinterest Battle to go and let me tell you, ladies and gents, this one is going to be amazing! Don’t miss out as we celebrate the release of Becky’s newest, Undeniably Yours, in major style!

Let’s Talk: What say you – Pinterest Fail or Nail? Do you have the smokey eye look mastered?

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10 thoughts on “Battle Seven Results: Creepy

  1. You both look lovely!!

    If I did this, it’s be “blood shot eyes and runny mascara”. Not perty at all.

  2. Beautimous, ladies! I’m not much of a makeup girl, especially now that I work from home. Ha! And when I do it, unless I’m getting fancy, I can do it all in under 5 minutes. Ye-ah!

  3. I felt like I lathered on tons of eye make-up for this one, but compared to the inspiration I look somewhat au naturel.

    I’ve no idea why my skin appears browish beige.

    And I feel sorry for my boring hazel-colored eyeball.

  4. Cherie Kasper

    I think you both did a great job, looks to me like it’s another tie. Looking forward to what you have for the last one.

  5. Jessica R. Patch

    I thought ya’ll did a fantastic job! I mastered the smoky eye at 16! But then, my mom sold make up. 🙂 Your eyes are so blue, Katie! Wow! They pop.

  6. Katie Ganshert

    I think this one isn’t so bad b/c I shrunk it to fit the blog post. The one Becky and I have – in all it’s huge, zoomed in glory? Now that looks creepy!

  7. Amy Leigh Simpson

    I’m with Casey on this one, not at all creepy! In fact, quite lovely 🙂 work it girls!

  8. What’s creep about it? I think they look good! Though I’d like a look at your whole face. 😉 Katie, you have the BLUEST eyes!!

  9. I loved playing with makeup when I was younger, so I could rock this challenge! 🙂 I think both of yours turned out great!

  10. I have two daughters who have mastered all the fun eye makeup techniques. Me–not so much. (Not at all.)
    I think y’all did great.
    And the example? It’s definitely airbrushed to perfection (i.e. fake.)


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