Battle Eight Results: Undeniably Yours

book cover battle Becky got her arm position right.

But I think I win in the shoe department.

Nevertheless, this one was downright fun! Even our hubbies agree.

Now for the real fun. The outtakes.

Let me tell you, I just about died when Becky sent me this. Gives a whole new meaning to undeniably yours…

funny shot becky

This one isn’t nearly as funny. But worth noting that our 4-year old son took the picture. He told us to, “Be dinosaurs.” Hence, our faces….

dinosaur faces

On behalf of Becky and myself, we hope you’ve enjoyed this ongoing Pinterest War. Maybe we didn’t discover any new hairstyles or make up tips, but we sure had some laughs.

Who won?

C’mon folks. Does winning really matter? (Says the girl who probably lost.)

All that matters is how we played the game, right?


Okay, fine.

Becky Wade may be taking home the trophy this year. But perhaps we’ll be battling again. And she should know, if that ever happens, that I won’t go easy on her the next time.

Thanks to everyone who followed along and participated!

Remember, you have until Tuesday, May 7th to participate in this final battle. Check out this link for details.

Three winners will be contacted when I’m back on American soil!

Congrats Becky, my friend! I’m so excited about the release of Undeniably Yours!

Let’s Talk: Which battle did you enjoy the most?

Due to the inevitable curse that is jet lag, I will be taking a blogging break the week of May 6th through the 10th. I’ll contact the three winners via email on Wednesday, May 8th!

21 thoughts on “Battle Eight Results: Undeniably Yours

  1. Katie Ganshert

    What fun comments to come home to!

  2. this challenge absolutely made me laugh out loud. i just pictured you guys standing outside your house doing these photos and cracked up!

  3. Julie Klassen

    These are great, you guys. What a creative idea! You are both winners. And I am *not* jealous that you and your husbands could all pass for cover models… πŸ™‚

  4. Loved the Pinterest Wars and the final contest! Sweet fun!

  5. Michelle Prince Morgan

    LOL Love it.

  6. LOVE THESE!!!!! You two are too cute! Well done, Becky and Katie!!!

    1. Thanks, Krista!

  7. This has been really fun! I am reading Undeniably Yours and enjoying it so much! I am praying for you in Africa, Katie!

    Blessings to you both,

    1. I’m praying for her, too. Can’t wait to hear updates and see pictures when she returns home.

  8. Great way to end the Pinterest Wars, Katie and Becky! I thought about participating, I really did … great excuse to by a pair of pink heels …

    1. A few other people have said the very same thing, Beth! There’s a large demographic, apparently, of women looking for a reason to buy shoes. πŸ™‚

  9. LOL, I LOVE this challenge! It’s my favorite cover of the year so far, so to see you guys recreate it is super fun. I about died too when I saw Becky’s outtakes. A picture speaks for thousands of words with those!!

    1. Just keeping it real with the outtakes. My bloobers were funnier to me than my final shot. Katie’s dinosaur face makes me smile. She even through in a T Rex claw for good measure.

  10. This looks like loads of fun. I’d be struggling to come up with a white outfit like that. Most of my white clothes gets stains the second I put them on. πŸ˜‰

    1. The same thing happens to me!!

      1. Yep, the outfit was a challenge for me. Since I didn’t have a white dress (I don’t wear dresses often) I settled on a white tennis skirt and an old white top and called it good. Or maybe ‘good enough’.

  11. Ganise

    *Grinning* O my goodness gracious, you guys I think THIS is my favorite. Makes me SO happy! Made my morning even…. so fun!

    I think both of you won. Bless you, Katie and Becky and bless your day!


    1. Ganise

      Where do we go to see pics of those who’ve participated, please?

    2. Bless you, Ganise!! I’m planning on putting together a collage of the pics of those who participated and posting it on facebook. Maybe Katie will consider also posting them here on her blog. They’re too cute not to share!

  12. What a fun challenge, by far my favorite. Love the pictures.

    1. This challenge turned out to be my favorite, too, Keli! It beat out the family feet portrait by a hair. πŸ™‚


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