Meet the Cast of Wishing on Willows

I don’t normally have an actual person in my mind when I start writing my characters, but the other night, as Hubby and I watched 27 Dresses, I couldn’t help thinking how my hero in Wishing on Willows could be James Marsden’s identical twin.

Here’s Braxton McKay, shrewd entrepreneur (only he has dark eyes, not blue):

So here I had a very clear picture of my hero, but none of my heroine. It all felt very lopsided. When I first created my heroine, I pictured one of my best friends. Not in personality, but in looks. And since I’m not going to post my friend’s picture on my blog, I am going to post my friend’s celebrity look-alike, Jennifer Connealy.

Here’s Robin Price, devoted widow (only Robin has pale blue eyes, not hazel):

Question to Ponder: Who does your hero/heroine resemble?

25 thoughts on “Meet the Cast of Wishing on Willows

  1. Holly

    Tee-hee! Love your characters πŸ™‚

  2. Kelly H-Y

    I write children's books, so I often have a picture of my own children in my head as I write!

  3. Terri Tiffany

    You know, I usually think of someone I know and then piece together more attributes. I've never used a movie star. Hmmm-wonder why??

  4. Jeanette Levellie

    Well, since my MC are myself and hus, I wish I could find movie stars that look like us! On the other hand, I like us the way we are.
    What a fun post!

  5. T. Anne

    OK I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but Joshua Morrow from Y&R is in everyone of my novels. Plus a few Hollywood cuties *sigh* must go write..

  6. Tabitha Bird

    Fun post Katie! I loved seeing pictures of your characters πŸ™‚ I bet that helps with the writing too.

  7. Tara

    James is a wonderful choice! I think finding a real life person to base your characters on can help you as you describe them. At least it's helped me.

  8. Stephanie

    Love 27 Dresses!!! Very cute movie!!

    Whenever I write or edit…I watch my story in my head. I need to make sure I've described my characters movements correctly…and I need to make sure their dialog is really the way someone would talk in real life. I always envision an actor….usually ones I know quite well and have watched many times!

    For A Bitch Named Karma, my MC Lexi is played by Rebecca Buddig. Her love interest is Zac Efron. Her BFF is Cameron Mattison.

  9. Sarah Forgrave

    This is going to sound really strange, but the heroine in my current wip looks like a younger version of the lady who cleans my house. πŸ™‚ She's short, teeny-tiny, and has dark Italian features. I haven't been able to find a look-alike for my hero.

  10. ElanaJ

    I've had such a hard time finding a picture of my hero. Because it's a dystopian novel and hard to picture him as someone who's alive now. But I think I finally found him in Mark Ballas. You know, that guy on Dancing with the Stars. Except Mark's hair has to be super spiky and he needs blue eyes.

  11. Nicole Baart

    Fun exercise, Katie. I do it before I start writing… But I often shy away from famous people because their personalities often creep into my writing if I'm constantly looking at them. I'm too susceptible to suggestion, I suppose. πŸ˜‰

  12. Erica Vetsch

    Sometimes I stumble across the perfect picture and sometimes I don't. Right now my hero looks like Dylan Bruno from Numb3rs. πŸ™‚ I'm still looking for the heroine's picture. I'll know it when I see it, but I haven't found it yet.

  13. Patti

    I just recently started doing this.

  14. Jill Kemerer

    I print out pictures of my characters' celebrity look-alikes and put them on my bulletin board. Then I get "comments" from my hubby about the guy! Hey, when will he realize it's research (and hilarious! wink, wink).

  15. Lynnette Bonner

    Haven't heard of this movie, 27 Dresses. Will have to check it out.

    I don't think I've ever really pictured my characters as actors. That is interesting. But I'd have to really think about it to figure out who they look like. πŸ™‚

  16. Jeannie Campbell, LMFT

    fun, katie! i don't even know what it's like to write anymore…i've just got way too much going on. and will for several more months, i'm afraid. but i like what you've got going on with these attractive people! my fav line from 27 Dresses was when james marsden was singing the wrong words to Bennie and the Jets and she corrects him and he's like, "whoa, sorry, lyric police! what are the words?" my husband and i just laugh and laugh at that….and use it all the time with each other.

    The Character Therapist

  17. Cindy

    I found pics for my new characters but neither of them are super well-known. In face, I don't think I even remember their names. But they worked. I have a better picture of both the characters in my mind.

  18. Ava Walker Jenkins

    So much fun today! It may seem crazy, but I seem to find most of my male character pics from calendars. You know: firefighters, cowboys, etc. However, it is always more of a struggle with the women. No calendar pics for the ladies as they are always too scantily clad, leaving nothing to the imagination.

  19. Kristen Torres-Toro

    Hmm… I don't know. Shall have to think on this one!

  20. Jaime

    Too fun!!! I like to do this too, but for Whisper of a Dream (my WIP) I couldn't find anyone for the hero or the heroine. Oh well. πŸ™‚

  21. Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought

    Fun, fun! My MC as a child resembles the actress from My Girl a bit. As an adult, if I had to choose, she looks like a heavier set Jennifer Anniston. That was hard to pick, but fun.
    ~ Wendy

  22. Eileen Astels Watson

    For my last book I did have pictures for them from the web. They were both models or stars but I never knew either from anywhere, they just matched what was in my mind's eye.

    I still haven't gotten a clear visual of my new hero and heroine, but when I do, I'll go web searching again!

  23. Tamika:

    What a handsome couple. My hero and heroine are complete opposites. I haven't been fortunate enough to find a celebrity look alike, that would be helpful.

  24. Marybeth Poppins

    I feel like if I pick out a movie star to be my characters I'll be really disappointed one day when that star doesn't end up playing that character if I ever get a movie deal. LOL Talk about getting ahead of myself!!!

  25. Jody Hedlund

    I love the idea of finding hot movie stars to give us a real picture of what our characters look like! But I always have trouble finding someone that matches my idea! But as you said, we may not find the perfect replica; we can always change a few things (color them in?). πŸ™‚


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