A Wait Well Worth It

On Friday I promised an announcement. So here I go.
Journal Entry:
Sometimes I wonder, do I want to keep doing this? I don’t mean writing – but writing for publication. Two rejections in one night and I’m feeling very deflated….

Last January, my book went out on submission. A fun little land, filled with hopes, fears, heartache, and a whole lot of waiting. Nothing too exciting happened until March, when my story made it through editorial committee and was slotted for pub board in April (to learn more about the process toward publication, see this post by my agent).

That entire month, I checked my email an insane amount of times and kept my phone with me wherever I went, just in case there would be news. But news never came. Not that month. Or the month after. Or the month after that. Discouragement crept in. I stopped obsessing over email. I stopped twitching every time my phone rang. The fact that my book could go to pub board at any time didn’t feel real anymore. My hope dwindled.

Fast forward seven months.

Yes. Seven months.
The Story:
I’m rushing around after work, trying to get changed so I can head out the door to a school committee meeting. Hubby’s on my computer, so I interrupt and check my email. Literally, I’m hopping on one foot, shoving the other in a shoe, impatiently waiting for Gmail to load so I can get to the meeting on time. Pub board’s the last thing on my mind.

Up pops Gmail and mixed in a pile of junk, my agent’s name. The subject line reads: Don’t get your hopes up too much yet but….

I must have misread it at first, because my hopes plummet. You see, I’d received some disappointing emails the week prior (hence, the journal entry) and was primed for letdown.

But I read Rachelle’s email, find out my book went to pub committee, and it was met with a very favorable response. My body goes all wonky. Like I’m entering into premature menopause and it can’t decide whether to be hot or cold. In the midst of some serious heart-palpitations, I think. Wait a minute. Doesn’t that mean….?

Nope. Not yet.

There’s one more level of approval to pass through and because of vacations, I won’t hear anything until November.

Fast forward a week and a half. Still October.

I’m sitting at my desk, gearing up for the Halloween party at the end of the day. One kiddo’s beside me doing math – a little guy who looks more like a 1st grader than a 5th. Nobody calls me during the school day. I don’t even know why I have my phone on. So when it buzzes, I glance at the screen, expecting one of those annoying voice-automated telemarketers with an unfamiliar area code.

Instead, my screen says Rachelle.

Everything stops.

It’s just me and that phone.

But I can’t answer it. I’m in school. All I can do is stare at the buzzing while a million thoughts and prayers pop inside my brain. Pop. Pop. Pop. Like heated popcorn kernels. None of them coherent. Not a single, solitary one.

The buzzing stops.

The kiddo at my desk asks me a question, but I can’t process his words.

The screen lights up. Rachelle left a message. Oh my gosh. She left a message. My heartbeat turns manic. My breathing gets shallow. I press the one on my keypad and smash the phone against my ear. I might start rocking at this point. I’m not sure.

A friendly voice: Hi Katie, it’s Rachelle, and this is the call you’ve been waiting for….

Oh. My. Goodness.
I cannot breathe.

I cannot think.

I cannot scream.

I cannot do anything.

I am surrounded by 5th graders.

Poor kid at my desk looks at me funny and backs away, like I’m going to throw up on him. Instead, I put my face in my hands and let this moment wash over me – this absolutely insane, hand-trembling, thick-throated, are-you-freaking-kidding-me moment. I’m going to be published.And I know this is the biggest cliché in the world. But man. That thought? It took my breath away.

Here’s the thing.

There were A LOT of moments, from the time I started writing my first novel, to Rachelle’s phone call, that I had some serious doubts about whether this would happen. I mean, for serious, for real doubts. The journal entry up at the top? It’s not the only one like that. My hopes had run the gamut. Super high when I got some bites. Super low, when rejection followed. But mostly – stuck in neutral. I remember thinking I’d wait forever. That I’d be this gray-haired, wrinkled, age-spotted, ninety-year old woman still waiting on pub board. People would say, “This will happen for you, Katie.” But the small voice in my head would whisper, “Yeah. But what if it doesn’t?”

Yet somewhere in the midst of all the uncertainty, something pretty amazing happened. Something Lina AbuJamra put so eloquently in a recent post.

Waiting, she said, is part of the process. It makes you who Christ wants you to be.
I love these words. I experience these words. While waiting for an agent. While waiting for pub board. While waiting for the contract. And for all the waits that are sure to come. God meets us in the waiting. He blesses us. He keeps us on our knees. He draws us nearer to Him. He molds our character and teaches us to trust. He asks us to be still. And in that stillness, He reminds us why He gave us this passion in the first place. A reason that has nothing to do with book contracts and advances, and everything to do with telling stories that matter.
So if stories burn in your heart, keep writing. No matter what happens, no matter where you are on this journey, no matter how long the wait, keep telling those stories. Write what matters, and trust God to take care of the rest.
The Details:
Later that night, I spoke with my stellar agent, Rachelle Gardner (who’s making all kinds of dreams come true these days). She assured me this was real. It was happening. She got excited with me. And she filled me in on the details. Waterbrook Multnomah, a division of Random House, offered me a 2-book contract. Sometime next year, I’ll get to hold my very first published book in my hands. And that, my friend, is absolutely insane.

The happiest trip to Staples I’ve ever taken!

Had to stare at this awhile. Just to make sure it was real.
Fun Give-Away: The ever-lovely Keli Gwyn (who just snagged a book deal of her own) offered to kick off the celebration with some chocolate! One random commenter will get this bag of yumminess. Thanks Keli!

Let’s Talk: What are your dreams? What makes them worth chasing? Have you ever struggled with waiting or feeling discouraged? What have you learned on your journey?

And THANKS for coming to celebrate with me! I’m so humbled and grateful to have such a supportive, encouraging group of people to share this moment with. It makes this journey all the richer!


109 thoughts on “A Wait Well Worth It

  1. Sandy @ God Speaks Today

    This post made me cry. You did a fabulous job describing the ups and downs of the emotional journey to publication. I was right there with you, getting the hot-flash, listening to Rachell's message.

    No wonder the publisher loves you…you are a very engaging writer. Go figure!


  2. Shannon M.

    This was fun to read, Katie. Not about the waiting… I do wish that could be different. But thanks for sharing your side of it, the joy. I'm excited too. Talk to you soon –

  3. Steven E. Belanger

    I'm very happy for you. Congratulations. Even in your blogs, you're a very good writer.

  4. Missy Tippens

    Wooooo hooooo!!!! So, so happy for you!! Congrats! 🙂 🙂 And what a sweet first sale story. 🙂

  5. Ruth Logan Herne

    Oh my stars, sweet thaaaaang!

    So stinkin' happy for you! Doing the Snoopy dance in the streets of Upstate New York (where people are getting used to my antics with all the good news we've had lately!!!)

    You rock, Dude. Seriously. And the chocolate is a GREAT thing.

    A wondrous thing. In fact, Pepper and I were just discussing the miraculous properties thereof.


    Super congrats. Enjoy this leap and please know if you've got questions, or need a shoulder, a hug or a kick in the seat, e-mail me. No charge. It's good to have friends, sweetie.

    Sign me:

    Delighted in Upstate New York!

  6. lgm52

    Congratulations! I think impatience and discouragement are just part of (the attempt) to make ones dreams come true. My dream was always to be a librarian. I worked as a clerk in our public library during my jr high/high school years. I married & had children so young and college just never was in the picture for me, so didn't think my dream would ever be a reality. Fast forward many years, and I received a phone call offering me a job in our local public library as the librarian. I retired from that position in 2008 after alomst 23 years. I loved the job, but was ready for a different phase in my life. Dreams do come true!

  7. Michelle Massaro

    Let me just throw my CONGRATS in here too! How mind-explodingly awesome! Your post gives me so much inspiration to keep on waiting and keep on dreaming.

    Smile big!

  8. Dara

    Congrats! I just came over from Patti's blog because I absolutely LOVE reading when an author's dreams come true. It inspires me and makes me think that maybe someday, I'll be there too 🙂

    Congrats again!

  9. Kara

    Oooo I'm so excited that I get to be the one to be your 100th congratulatory comment!

    We met briefly at ACFW 2009 (my first conference as well). You were coming out of one editor/agent appointment and I was about to going into my first one. I remember being in awe of how composed you were, while I was a quivering wreck!

    Ever since, I've been lurking here, hoping that conference would lead to great things for you. So I am SO excited that I'll be getting to buy my first Katie Ganshert novel in 2012 AND from one of my favorite publishers!

  10. Mary Aalgaard

    Well, that is just GREAT news. You deserve every goose-bumpy moment and all these terrific congrats comments, too. Did you students cheer for you? What a great example you are to them. Yippy!

  11. Stephanie Faris

    This is SUCH an inspiring story. I saw you on Jessica Nelson's blog and I'm glad I visited. There's NOTHING better than a story like this. I've been waiting for my call for more than 15 years…off and on. I am so happy for you!

  12. Bethany Mattingly

    Congrats!!! That's so exciting 🙂

  13. Carla

    Yay for you!!! I just saw you on someone else's blog and thought I'd peek in on the celebration. I was GLUED to your story and read every word! I'll be following you soon. My dreams include writing picture books–I just started a writing blog at carla-jansen.blogspot.com. Anyways, congratulations again! I'm so excited for you!


  14. Erin MacPherson

    Katie– this is HUGE news…. HUGE congratulations! I'm so excited for you and I can't WAIT to read your book!!! HUGE congrats.

  15. Graceful

    Way to go, Katie. Man this is a tough business…but it's clearly well-worth the wait!

  16. Lily Robinson

    Susan Mills passed on your good news to me… CONGRATULATIONS! I popped over here to read about it. The first thing I read was that you are a Midwestern gal that loves Jesus… I clicked follow.

    I'm excited for you in this wonderful leg of your journey. I can't wait to read YOUR BOOK!

  17. Shannon

    This is fantastic news! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person! Congratulations!! =)

  18. Tina Radcliffe

    Congratulations, Katie!!! Wonderful news!!

  19. Maria I. Morgan

    A HUGE congratulations to you Katie! Thanks for sharing everything that led up to the BIG call!! So happy for you! Can't wait to read your book! And love, love, love, Lina's quote, "Waiting is part of the process. It makes you who Christ wants you to be." Have a wonderful week and God bless! 🙂

  20. Lynnette Bonner

    Just wanted to add my congrats! So thrilled for you!

  21. Shannon O'Donnell

    I could NOT be happier for you, Katie. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this:

    "Waiting, she said, is part of the process. It makes you who Christ wants you to be."

    I needed that more than air today. You rock and you deserve every bit of this good news!!!!!!!!!

  22. Tina Radcliffe


    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Susan R. Mills

    First, congratulations! I just returned from a blog break and people kept commenting on my blog that you got good news. There's this ongoing joke that when I take a blog break, people get good news on their road to publication. I guess it was your turn. 🙂 I had to come by and see what all the excitement was about. Good for you! I wish you all the best!

  24. D.J. Hughes

    This was so fun to read. I can't wait to hear more about the process as it unfolds. I also can't wait to read your book when it comes out! Congratulations. That is so exciting.

    DJ Hughes

  25. Chazley Dotson

    Thanks fantastic! Congratulations!

  26. Patti

    Such a great story, congratulations. It's so hard to have patience, but like you quoted, it makes us who God wants us to be.

    Can't wait to read your book

  27. Lynn

    Congratulations Katie! And very motivating post. I'm going to print, and tack on my writing board for my discouraging days! You are an inspiration, and blessing!

  28. Jennie Allen

    So happy for you girl!!!! WHOO HOO!

  29. Jeannie Campbell, LMFT

    i'm such a dork. i knew the announcement was coming, sent it to the loop, even, and forgot to check your post today until now!

    but you know that has absolutely no bearing on how excited i am for you! i can't believe i've come alongside you through this entire thing! yay!

    all i'm sayin' is that there BETTER be an influencer copy reserved for your BFF/critique buddy. 🙂

    love you so much, and praying God's enormous blessings upon you now and always –

    the character therapist

  30. Caroline

    Congratulations, Katie! What an accomplishment, and a great story to tell! May God continue to use your words to inspire, encourage, and shine His love brightly.

  31. Jenna

    Looks like I stumbled upon your blog on the best of days. Congratulations!

  32. Krista Phillips

    YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! SO SO SO excited for you Katie!!! WOOHOO!

  33. Gina Conroy

    Just heard, congrats!!!! Did I miss what the story is about? I've been out of the loop for a while.

  34. Laura Marcella

    Congratulations, Katie!!! Yay this is super exciting and I'm so happy for you! I know what your Friday celebrations will be about now 🙂 Enjoy the moment!!!

  35. Pepper

    Oh WOW, this is great news!!
    Congrats, Katie. I'm super thrilled for you!

  36. Cara Putman

    Katie, I am thrilled for you! So glad you are savoring every moment! I'll never forget how I got my first contract. God's richest blessings on you as you travel this road.

  37. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Yay, Katie!!! The call was my first guess on Friday. 🙂

    I'm so happy for you and look forward to reading your story.


  38. Jessie @ Blog Schmog

    Congratulations! Its exciting to watch others so much further along on this journey and celebrate with you. 🙂 I lurk here but still feel a part of it all.

    I do love chocolate too. My 8 month pregnant belly would love a pick me up right about now. lol

    I was just thinking about this whole writing process this week. Why do I do it? Why do I press on when at this point there is nothing in the works? I HAVE to write but do I need to kick myself in the pants and "grow up"? Then the Lord reminded me of our little mission statement. It comes right out of His word and when I measure to that, I am already famous…


    For you are a letter from Christ, written not in pen and ink but on the tablet of human hearts. 2 Cor. 3:3

  39. Natalie

    Congratulations! I'm glad it was worth the wait!

  40. tracyellen

    Is it completely sappy that I had tears in my eyes while reading this? I am so happy and excited for you! Add me to the quickly growing list of people who can't wait to read your book. Seriously, I'm going to be stalking Borders, telling people, "I know that girl!" 🙂


  41. Elana Johnson

    Ahhhhh! Huge news! Congrats!!

  42. Katie Ganshert

    I am officially blown away! Thanks for celebrating with me and making this day so very special!

  43. MaryC

    Oh Katie! Congratulations!!! I kept thinking, she can't possibly post sale news on a Monday and then have to teach all day so it must be something else. I'm SO happy for you that it's real.

    And thank you for your inspiring words and thinking to encourage others while you're celebrating!

    Can't wait to read YOUR BOOK!


  44. gideon 86


    What a wonderful end to very long year…


  45. Eisley Jacobs

    First of all… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Second, thanks for your post. It's true that we all go thru that, "Are we kidding ourselves" stage! So glad you pushed through and you posted about it. It's the perseverance that has finally gotten you there… well that and great writing. 😉

    Congratulations again!

  46. Lauren

    Many congratulations, and thanks for reminding those of us who are waiting on the submission process that it can take a long time for a response – even a positive one!

  47. vvdenman.com

    I am so excited for you! You brought tears to my eyes when you told of listening to Rachelle's message. Enjoy the ride!

  48. Weronika Janczuk

    Katie, it has been such a long time that you started blogging and writing, and I've been watching from afar, and I CONGRATULATE you on this fantastic, beautiful success. I cannot wait for these books to make it out there. 🙂

    You're an inspiration!

  49. Billy Coffey

    Congrats, Katie!

  50. Lisa Jordan

    Sooo excited for you, Katie!! What a great way to kick off your week! Looking forward to reading more about your journey as a debut author!!!

  51. Donna Hosie

    What a wonderful, uplifting, fabulous post.

    Many many congratulations!

  52. Ryan and Melanie

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a gift from God. I rejoice with you.

    And having taught fifth grade myself, I could picture that scenario:)

  53. Carol J. Garvin

    Wonderful news, Katie!!! I'm so pleased that all your waiting ended in such an exciting announcement. I'll park the balloons in a corner by the window where everyone passing by can see them. And here's virtual chocolate cake for you… it's iced in more chocolate and decorated with 'Congratulations, Katie" in gold icing (gold because your news is pure gold!), and lots of candles. Savour this (the cake and the joyous occasion) to replay during the days when you're eyebrow deep in edits and deadlines and living the life of the published author. (Don't those words give you a shiver of pleasure?) 🙂

  54. Lacie Nezbeth

    I just had to add my Congratulations to the pile. What exciting news! I can't even imagine how you didn't jump up and down in the middle of your class. =)

    Does anything beat that feeling?

  55. Carla Gade

    I'm so excited for you, Katie! After reading your post I'm actually sitting here on the verge of tears, filled with emotion that I can relate to. I'm sooooooooooo happy for you!!! I, too, will sign my first contract in February!
    God's timing is always perfect!

  56. Sue Harrison

    SO SO SO SO SO Happy for you!!! Smiling and praising God. (Love the post. Thank you for sharing that special time with all of us.)

  57. Angela C.

    that's such an incredible story! so inspiring! congratulations and thanks for sharing!!

  58. Jen J. Danna

    Several authors that I follow (and Rachelle) all tweeted the link to your post, so I came over to take a look. What a wonderful, wonderful story. Congratulations on not just one book, but a two book deal! You give hope to those of us who are just starting the submission process, so thank you for being so open about your journey.

  59. Heidi

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!! (Really, I'm sitting here at university with a giant grin on my face and people are probably wondering what's wrong with me :D.) That is FANTASTIC!! God's blessings for this new phase of the journey!

  60. Cindy R. Wilson

    Oh, Katie! I am SO, SO, SO happy for you. Congratulations!! This is the best news ever so thanks for sharing it on a Monday 🙂 And thank you for sharing the whole story, even how you felt when you saw the call from Rachelle 🙂 I am going to be smiling for you all day! Congrats again!!!

  61. Janna Qualman

    Katie, what a wonderful and inspiring story! Congratulations!

  62. Kristina Knight

    That is soooo excited, Katie! I only recently found you/your blog, and I'm glad I did. Congrats to you … can't wait to read YOUR BOOK!!! 😉

  63. Lynnette Labelle

    Yay, YOU! Congrats! You deserve this.

    Lynnette Labelle

  64. Katie Ganshert

    WOW everybody!! I'm SO blown away by all the well-wishes! It's driving me nuts to be at school right now where I can't check facebook or Twitter! These encouraging comments are bringing such a smile to my face! Thanks SO much!

  65. Jennifer Lyn King

    Congratulations, Katie! Wow! Celebrating with you– such a tremendous excitement! Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to see where you write from here!

  66. Rosslyn Elliott

    Yahoo!!!! Jumping up and down! We have all been waiting for this news and it is EVEN SWEETER for the long wait!

    Waterbrook Multnomah publishes some terrific writers. I am sure you will fit right in. 🙂

  67. Robyn Campbell

    Oh Katie! I am so very happy for you. I KNEW your news would be like this. But the process. It comes so easy for some. I'm strapping myself in for the long haul. Knowing it will happen for me. 🙂 Not if but when.

    God isn't just good, HE IS GREAT. MAGNIFICENT, ALL KNOWING. He knew you'd be experiencing this happiness from the beginning of time. Isn't that the MOST AWESOME thing?

    Thanks for the story. Can't wait to hold your book in my hands.

    PS: So glad you didn't throw up on the poor kid.:)

  68. Karen Akins

    Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  69. Mining for Diamonds

    Wow! I'm encouraged by this post! I'm new to your blog, found it via Twitter (Tamika at Write Worship retweeted it) and I'm glad I did! I am now following your blog so I can follow your journey. My hopes and dreams are too many to get into here…I need a whole blog to share! But writing is a big part of it, so I am always happy to see others with the same dream. Blessings!

  70. Richard Mabry

    Many, many well-deserved pats on the back, Katie. Your story, especially the time spent waiting, brings back memories. But you've made it to a point not many writers achieve. This is an achievement worth celebrating. Thanks for letting us share it.
    (And, yes, our agent is terrific, isn't she?)

  71. Amanda Hoving

    Hi Katie — found you via the shouts of praise on Twitter. Congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing your story. Very inspiring! All the best to you~

  72. Erica Vetsch

    WOOHOOO!!!! Break out the cupcakes, the fizzy punch, the STREAMERS!

    So very happy for you, Katie!

  73. Jeanette Levellie

    I knew it, I just knew it!!! Congratulations, Katie!!! I am so happy for you, honey. This encourages me to not give up. I have a phone appt scheduled with my agent tonight.


  74. Hallie

    Way to go, Katie! I'm not surprised about your success and I commend you on your perseverance and positive attitude. Look forward to reading all about the next part of your journey!!


  75. Jaime

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Jaime runs around her office screaming her head off, coffee spilt down the front of her shirt, and throwing paper from the paper shredder in the air*

  76. Jill Kemerer

    Hooray!!!! Awesome!!!!

    You know how to brighten up a dreary January Monday, now don't you???

    I'm so happy for you, and I know I'm echoing many of the commenters, but this is very deserved. You've worked hard, kept pressing on even through the tough times, and you survived the wait with class and dignity. I'm SOOOOO happy for you!!

  77. T. Anne

    I had a hard time sleeping last night just thinking about your great news! ~*CONGRATS*~ I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled for you! Did you have to wait from October to share the news? That's a huge wait in and of itself! I think you're a true testament to patience. I could not think of a nicer person for this to happen to. And in a year when your book comes out, I'll be one of the first people in line to buy it. I'm so happy for you. I couldn't be happier. Enjoy your moment, you deserve it!!!!!! =)

  78. CJ

    Wonderful news, Katie! Congratulations!

  79. Beth Mann

    This is the FIRST PLACE I WENT on my computer this morning!!! Doing all kinds of cartwheels for you, my friend. Congratulations doesn't even begin to cover it – I am SO INCREDIBLY happy for you! I respect and admire you so much for your determination and for your faith. You totally deserve this. Well done!!!

  80. Kelly Lyman

    Katie!!! I'm so happy for you–I was smiling the whole entire time I read your post. Congratulations. I loved what you wrote about waiting and how we need to just keep writing these stories, no matter where we are in this journey!

    As you know, I've been discouraged lately–however, this post has totally given me a boost.

    Again, so happy for you and I can't wait to hear about the rest of this journey and all God is teaching you through it!

  81. Marla Taviano

    KATIE!! This is so thrilling!! I wrote a post today about waiting. Wendy left a comment. I went to her blog, then came here. My heart SINGS for you!! And I love that you're left-handed! 🙂 Have an AMAZING day!!!

  82. Caroline Starr Rose

    This is beautiful! I'm so, so thrilled for you. And guess what? We're Random House sisters as well as 2k12 ladies. 😉

  83. Keli Gwyn

    Hip hip hooray!
    It's Katie's day!

    Congratulations, Katie! I'm thrilled for you!!! A two-book deal with an awesome publisher! Wowzers!

    I loved the pictures of you with that big ol' grin on your face as you signed your contract and your signature beneath the word "author." I look forward to the day I'm reading the books with YOUR name on the cover.

    Have fun residing on Cloud 999.

  84. Bonnie R. Paulson

    OH MY WORD!@!!!! GREAT POST! GREAT NEWS! Congratulations, Katie!

    This was perfect!

  85. Cassandra Frear

    Congratulations! Seriously . . .

    How are you going to celebrate?

  86. katdish

    I just came over her to tell you I made that taco soup recipe you gave me on twitter…


    That's fantastic news, Katie! Very excited for you.

    Like Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part", and there's more waiting ahead, but it's a different kind of waiting. Waiting on edits, book jacket design, etc. A much preferable kind of waiting.

    Awesome, Katie. Just awesome.

  87. tamara

    So excited for you… and though I am in the thick of writing now and haven't even put anything out for publication yet, reading your posts on waiting have given me a glimpse into what I have ahead of me! Enjoy the excitement!!! 🙂

  88. rachelblom

    I'm so happy for you! I've been following your blog for a while and I had hoped you would get a break through. So congrats and I'm looking forward to seeing your books in print…

  89. Jennifer Shirk

    I was hoping it was going to be this!!!
    I'm so happy for you!!!!
    YAY!!! So tell us about the book!!! You're killing me. LOL!!


  90. Sarah Forgrave

    Aaaahhhh!!! Even though a little birdie might have whispered something about this, I'm so so thrilled for you, Katie! I had to come back and read all the details. LOL'ing at the description of you with that 5th grader backing up in case you puked. 🙂

  91. Julie Jarnagin

    WooHoo!!! I'm so, so, so happy for you!

  92. Catherine West

    WOW!!!! I had a feeling it was big, but this is not big. This is GIGANTNORMOUS!!!
    SO thrilled for you. I hate that you had such a long wait, you must have been going insane not being able to share with everyone, but it's out now, so LET'S PARTY!!! Proud of you for hanging in there!!

  93. Kristin

    I knew. I knew I knew!!!!
    And I'm blinking back tears.

    Fav line: I couldn't do anything. I was surrounded by 5th graders! ha! 🙂

    Can't wait to hold your book, either.

  94. Amy Sorrells

    KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTIIIIIIIEEEEEE! Oh my goodness! I'm really not the burst-into-tears-for_ANYONE-type, but I just totally BURST INTO TEARS for you, girl! Maybe it was the backstory you wrote about. Maybe it's because we all doubt and prepare for the day we're sure we'll need to just. give. up. Maybe it's because you're one of the most genuine, gracious, happy-for-everybody-else writer on the web. Regardless, I'm in TEARS for you! Can't wait to hear more about the bookS (PLURAL! TWO BOOKS!)! Congratulations. Bask in this day and every day. You so deserve it!

  95. Deborah Vogts

    Great news, Katie. Thanks for sharing your story with us. So sweet. I look forward to reading your work! Blessings to you and enjoy these moments!

  96. Diane

    Unbelievably happy news for you! So exciting!!! Love the details of the story, it was almost like I was there getting ready with the garbage can for you, just in case! :O)

  97. tone almhjell

    Congratulations! I love your story. I can't get enough of these stories. They're like birth stories, you know? You know yours will be a little different from all the others, and that it definitely will be painful, but it just helps to hear someone else's story. I'm so happy for you!

  98. Terri Tiffany

    A TWO book deal!!!!! And with Multinohmah?? I LOVE THEM! I used to buy all their books for the store!!
    I am SOOOOOOOO Excited and happy and every other word there is to describe my emotions for you this morning Katie!!!
    I love your story, I love how you worded it and love how you always give GOD the credit He so deserves. BLESSINGS TODAY and all your future days of writing.

  99. Dawn Alexander

    So absolutely thrilled for you!!!
    I was just making my breakfast and thought, "Oh, it's Monday! I have to find out Katie's news!"

    Yes, I am a dork.


  100. Jenny B. Jones

    Congratulations!!!! THIS IS HUGE!!! I'm so excited for you, Katie. WOOOO!!!

  101. Wendy Paine Miller

    I really need to stop breaking out in the ugly cry every Monday morning lately. 😉


    OH woman! There aren't words. It's so funny b/c I wrote my post knowing what was coming and we chose such similar words…the journal entry, how God blesses us in the wait. It's such a testimony to how He does move and teach us even in times of anticipation.

    Katie, I could write for hours about how excited I am for you. I was just telling my small group about you yesterday, how blown away I am at how God has deeply blessed me with your friendship. I consider you a sister.

    This is amazing news and I know you've gone just as crazy as me while you've waited (that's why we laugh so hard!).

    I love you and words won't be able to convey just how much I'm rooting for you and cheering you along in this path!

    Thanks once again for showing me there's a road ahead to keep praying for and to push on.

    I love you.
    ~ Wendy

  102. Katie Ganshert

    Thanks for celebrating with me ladies!! Your comments all brought a big fat smile to my face!

  103. Laura Pauling

    Congrats Katie! That's awesome! That's what my journal looks like up and down, up and down! Celebrate the news!

  104. Jody Hedlund

    CONGRATS, my dear friend!!!! I'm so thrilled for you to be at this point because you worked SO SO hard for it. And you continue to work so hard, not only at writing your books, but at always learning and growing. I'm really proud of you!! And I can't wait to hold your book in my hands and read it! Have an awesome day celebrating this monumental time in your writing career!

  105. Jessica Nelson


    I LOVE books pubbed by Multnomah!They have great taste! 🙂 Congrats SO MUCH!!!!!

    I've def. struggled with waiting. I'm waiting as we speak. *sigh* I hope I'm learning to be patient and also that what God wants for me is going to be better and greater than what I want for myself.

  106. Sherrinda

    Woooohoooo! I knew it! And Multnomah! That is HUGE! I knew it would happen for you, girl, and am thrilled! Just thrilled!

    Congrats and stay up on that Cloud #9 as long as you can!!!!! (You might have to come down to do a little teaching, but…)


  107. Heather Sunseri

    Oh, dear Katie, I'm so thrilled for you. Squeeeeeeee! I have to tell you, I hosted book club at my house last night, so I'm tired this morning. I've only had a couple sips of coffee, but I knew I had to come see your news first thing. So, I'm reading and tears come to my eyes as I read about your complete joy. Between my teary and tired eyes I read "Multnomah Waterbrook…gave me a 12-book contract." I seriously had to read it again. Now, I'm crying and laughing when I realize how silly my mistake was. 🙂

    Anyway, I couldn't be more excited to read your books. TWO of them for now! Many more to come. Thank you for such an encouraging post. I've written a journal entry similar to yours very recently, so your uplifting words were wonderful to hear this morning.


  108. Tamika:

    Words are hard to find that express how happy I am for you Katie! I never had a doubt that I would hold your book in my hands!

    God is so gracious that He would choose us to choose Him.

    This just the beginning, ths best is yet to come:)

  109. Tabitha Bird

    YEAH!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!

    Oh WOWOWOWOWOWWOWOW! I am so excited for you. Oh, Katie I have been praying so much that God would answer your prayers. Ever since you got your gent that November I have prayed. Not every day, not even every week, but when you came to my mind or you posted about the wait I prayed. And I know many others have prayed for you too. And you are right, God meets us in the waiting. I am doing some waiting of my own right now. Oh. MY!
    Do I ever understand.
    But it is all about Him. And it is about the stories we have inside us. The ones that matter. The ones that cost us a great deal to birth and to wait on. Oh the joy when we will hold them 🙂

    So, congrats to you and I will be out there buying that book when it comes out. Keep us all updated 🙂



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