Honest to God

Guest Post from Jeanette Levellie

We caught our daughter, Esther her in her first lie at the venerable age of three. When I confronted her with “Is that the truth?” she replied, “It’s my truth!”

Honesty is a character quality we all applaud. According to one survey, honesty is the foremost quality people expect in a close relationship. Yet when it comes to our relationship with God, we usually are anything but honest.

How often do we come in prayer or worship and say the things we think He wants to hear, rather than what is really on our minds?

  • We say: “It’s okay that I have not gotten a job yet, Lord, even though I’ve been unemployed for sixteen months. I know you have a plan, and I will trust You to the end.”  We think: “What is up with this, Lord? Are You punishing me for some past sin? I don’t understand why this is taking so long!”
  • We say:  “There is a reason for everything that happens. You are in control, God.”  We feel: “Lord, this is not fair! I have been serving you with my whole heart, and people are criticizing me right and left! Can’t you do something to vindicate me, and shut their mouths?”
  • We say: “I know it’s a sin to worry, so I trust You with my children’s lives, Lord. I cast the care of them on You.” We want to say, “Oh God, this should not be happening. Do something before they destroy themselves and me along with them! I don’t know how much more of this I can take!”

God isn’t shocked by anything we say, do or think. We can’t take Him by surprise or ruin His day by our frankness. He wants us to be completely open with Him, so He can heal us where we hurt and fix what is broken in our lives. It’s essential to our own well being that we tell it like it is with God. There’s no other way to achieve the intimate relationship with Him that we need and want.

All the people in the Bible that walked close to God were also brutally frank with Him. Abraham argued with Him over destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. Moses told Him to find someone else to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. David accused Him of not keeping His word.  Even Jesus cried, “Why have You forsaken me?” when He hung on the cross.

And God never rebuked one of these for their raw, human attitudes.

We cheat ourselves out of some precious times of fellowship and life -changing insights when we sugar coat our prayers and only tell God what we think He wants to hear.  God wants to be your best friend. But He can’t give you the answers you need if you are hiding behind false feelings and worthless words. You have to be real to be healed. You have to be honest to God.

Let’s Talk: Do you have a hard time being honest with God when you pray?

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17 thoughts on “Honest to God

  1. Thanks, Katie. I don’t know about anyone else, but this was for me, today. 🙂

  2. What a powerful post. Thank you, Jeanette and Katie.

  3. Great post.

  4. Great post! Being honest isn’t always easy, but God knows anyway, so what do you have to lose?

  5. I have to echo Jessica Nelson’s answer. 🙂 I don’t find it all that difficult to be honest with God–mostly because I know He knows it all. So trying to be dishonest would feel like a lost cause. Heheh…But it’s myself I lie to sometimes. And that’s just…dumb. 🙂

    1. We all do it, Melissa. I think it’s called fooling yourself. Lately I’ve asked the Lord to show me my true motives. Ouch! But I need that to grow, so I don’t keep doing the same dumbness over and over…

  6. This is a great post. I don’t know that I have a hard time being honest with God, but rather it’s with myself. When I’m talking to him, I know I can’t fool him and it’s painful sometimes to know he sees the truth that I don’t want to even express.
    The nice thing is nothing I think or feel probably surprises him. He’s seen it all! LOL You gotta love lying kids. All 3 of mine do it even though I try to encourage them to be honest. SMH

    1. Jessica: I have a friend with nine kids. She punishes them more severly for lying than any other infraction!

  7. Loree Huebner

    Hi Katie! Hi Jeanette! I am enjoying reading your book, Jeanette. So much fun, and so much wisdom!

    I am always honest with God when I pray. He knows what’s in my heart. You can’t fool Him.

    Fun post.

    1. Thanks, Loree, for the cheerleading.

      I’m glad you are honest to God. That’s wonderful.

  8. Amy Campbell

    I think I find it hard to be truthful to God when I can’t be truthful with myself. I sometimes pray about something that’s in my mind but really know it is really different in my heart. Make sense?

    1. Yes, it does make sense, Amy. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Get gutsy with God. He knows your heart anyway. He won’t be offended or hurt if you say “I’m disappointed. Help me understand this. I need some answers.” At least you are turning to Him and not Dr. Phil!

  9. Wonderful post. I used to be afraid to tell God how I really feel but in the last years, I don’t anymore. I know he knows my heart and hears everything I feel anyways and really,it is so much better to be honest!

    1. Terri: YOU really have been to you-know-where and back in the last few years, and I’m proud of you for hanging in with the Lord.

  10. Lynn

    “You have to be real to be healed.” I am taking that line to heart today. And be open to lamenting instead of ‘ sugar-coating ‘ my words.

    1. Lynn: You may be surprised at what comfort and help you receive back from the Lord when you do this. He is for you.

  11. Thanks for having me today, Katie! This is one of the less funny chapters in my book; most brim with chuckles. But I think it’s important to address the issue of honest dialogue with the Lord. He can handle it!

    Congrats on YOUR book’s success; I am so proud of you!


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