When is it Time to Quit?

This question is from Sally Hepworth and I love it because it applies to so much more than writing. 

It’s 18 seconds longer than it’s supposed to be. Meaning it’s 18 seconds over my 2 minute (or under) goal. Sorry about that!

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Let’s Talk: How do you know when it’s time to quit and when it’s time to keep going? Have you ever felt like quitting something important in your life?

Unlikable Characters

The whole talking head vlog thing is starting to weird me out. It’s like The Office, only The Office is hilarious. How do I not be a talking head? Any suggestions?

Anyway, today we’re talking about unlikable characters. I’m super excited to see where this conversation goes!

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Let’s Talk: Have you ever read a book where the protagonist was unlikable, but you kept reading? I can think of at least three or four others, but I don’t want to hog the conversation! What kept you reading? Did you like the book? 

FYI, I have a few more questions to answer from readers via vlogging. So if I haven’t answered your question yet, I promise I’ll get to it soon!


This question comes from Ms. Sherrinda. And it involves chocolate!

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Let’s Talk: Tell me about your writing habits. If you’re not a writer, tell me about your reading habits.