Happy Memorial Day & a Schedule Change

flagHappy Memorial Day! With a special shout out to all those courageous men and women who fight or have fought for our freedom here in America. God bless you!

This marks the beginning of summer.

Maybe not technically, since summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st.

But in my world, and I suspect in many a people’s worlds, summer runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

So thus marks the beginning of my new summer schedule.

Why a new schedule?

Because who has time to stay indoors, writing (or reading, for that matter) blog posts, when there are sprinklers to run through and lightning bugs to chase and ice cream cones to enjoy? Not to mention, a new book to work on!

In an effort to free up some time, I will only be posting twice a week in these summer months.

Once on Monday, in which I will post on a slew of various topics, including but not limited to writing news, faith-related topics, adoption updates, and of course, romance.

And then once on Friday, in which I will continue on with my Friday Favorites.

There you have it. The new schedule.

Here’s to a fun-filled, fabulous summer!

Let’s Talk: Any fun summer plans?

Pinterest War: Battle One Results

Pinterest Challenge OneThe top picture is the one found on Pinterest. The one below is the Ganshert’s attempt to wax Easter eggs.

Okay. So our eggs aren’t the prettiest eggs you’ve ever seen.

Although I must say, the cracked one with the toothpick antennae has a certain charm to it. And who doesn’t like a black Easter egg? Symbolic of Black Friday, no?

Despite their slightly pathetic appearance, they were super fun and easy to make and a huge hit with my son who does not like to color paper but apparently likes to color hot, hard eggs.

Did you play?

If so, Becky Wade and I would love to see your picture on Facebook or Twitter! Make sure to tag us so we can see it.

We’ll enter all participants’ names into a hat and at the end of the war, we’ll draw some winners to receive our novels!

My newest release, Wishing on Willows, hits shelves next week, March 19th! Pre-order your copy now and my publisher will email you seven free devotionals I wrote especially for my readers!

Becky Wade’s newest, Undeniably Yours, follows a few weeks later on May 1st!

Before you vote on a winner for this epic first battle, I think it’s only fair you see Becky’s eggs. I’m afraid the Wade eggs put the Ganshert eggs to shame! But fun was had by all, so that’s what matters, right? (says the loser)

Becky Wade pinterest eggs

Now the question is….Pinterest success or fail?

I’m guest posting on Divine Moments today about how to conduct a successful puzzle piece adoption fundraiser!