Battle Seven: Smokey Eyes

smokey eyeIf you can believe it, we’re already on the seventh battle in an eight-battle war!

We have this week and next (which is the release of Becky Wade’s newest, Undeniably Yours) and then the Pinterest fun is over!

It’s my turn to throw down a challenge.

And I must say, I’ve always wanted to learn how to do a smokey eye.

So this week’s challenge involves makeup.

Apparently, to accomplish the smokey eye look, a person is in need of some mascara, eye liner, and some charcoal-type eye shadow.

We’ll see how it goes! I’ve never been that savvy in the make up department, so this ought to be fun.

Let’s Talk: What’s your favorite, go-to cosmetic?

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Battle Six Results: I Didn’t Start the Fire

candle jar results

While Becky’s final result may look prettier than mine, please let it be known that I did not start any fires while making my candle jar like some people I know.

I think you should take exhibit A (AKA, Becky’s charred first attempt) into account before deciding on a winner:

becky fireWe give this one a B- for kid-friendly, because of the fire incident (although that was Becky, not her children).

A B+ for easiness. The right supplies can be a bit tricky to find. Hence, Becky’s “jar”.

And a C for beauty/resemblance to the original. Neither of us are rushing to display these on our nightstands.

Thanks to all who participated! The results that have been posted on my Facebook page are leaps and bounds better than anything Becky and I created.

Oh, and Becky’s daughter gets an A+ for innovation and fire-safety.

She put her paper on the outside of the jar.

becky daughter jar

Join us next week for our 7th Pinterest Challenge! We all just might pick up a new beauty secret.

Let’s Talk: What decorations do you have on your nightstand?

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Battle Six: A Candle Craft

candleIt’s Becky’s turn to throw down a challenge in this Pinterest War of ours and she’s going crafty on us!

I’m pretty excited about this one for two main reasons:

First, the finished product is primple – which is my made-up word for pretty + simple, which is my style.

Second, for a non-crafty person, this doesn’t look too intimidating!

All you do is find a glass jar.

Carefully tear out a page from a favorite book (I know, this may make some people cringe).

Cut some hearts.

Stick in the jar with a votive candle.

Add some twine.

And voila! A primple craft for your nightstand.

Hopefully the paper doesn’t catch on fire.

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Let’s Talk: Have you ever unintentionally set something on fire?

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