Release Day for Luka

Hey All! Just hopping on here to say that it’s official. LUKA (a companion novel) is out in the world, available for purchase on paperback and Kindle. 

If you’re on the market for something to read, here’s the scoop on this one!

Fans of the The Gifting series have long been asking for more and award-winning author K.E. Ganshert has delivered! Experience the intrigue, the romance, and the chilling world of The Gifting, where the mentally unstable are locked away and belief in the supernatural has been eradicated. This time, from Luka’s point of view with never-before-seen content.

17-year-old Luka Williams has a secret. He sees things nobody else can see, feels things nobody else can feel, and dreams about the same girl every night. A girl in danger. A girl he must save. A girl who doesn’t exist.

Until one day, she does. Her family moves in next door—upending his world. Calling into question everything he thought he knew. Maybe he’s not crazy after all. Maybe the things he sees are as real as the girl from his dreams.

Luka News & More!

Hey friends!

I know I’ve fallen off the social media grid without much to report or update in the world of publishing, but I have been working behind the scenes (granted, not as regularly or as efficiently as I’d like … darn pandemic!) 

Since my last release, I’ve completed two YA manuscripts, both of which I’m very excited to share! If you want to receive updates on these (such as sneak peeks and release dates), please subscribe to my email list! I haven’t sent anything out in ages (legit cobwebs), but I do hope to have more specific information soon. 

Also … I have some fun news!

I’ve been working on a Luka story! When it comes to The Gifting series, quite a few readers have reached out asking for more. So I decided to take a page out of Stephanie Meyers’ playbook and write The Gifting from Luka’s point of view. It’s been super fun revisiting these characters and this story world I had such a blast creating. If you’re wanting the latest info on this project, my email list is the place to get it! 

Much Love,


A Writerly Update

Well, hello there Reader Friends!

It’s been awhile, yeah?

I thought I’d hop on the ol’ website and jot a quick writerly update. I hope this finds you healthy and sane in the midst of such bizarre and trying times. 

Several years back, I sat down and wrote The Gifting Trilogy, and ever since, I’ve been an author torn between two genres: Young Adult of the semi-peculiar variety, and Contemporary Fiction of the faith-based variety. I love them both dearly, with a note in my phone filled with story ideas for each one. After a year-long writing hiatus in 2018, I decided I would take a good crack at the YA. 

I have one completed manuscript under my belt (which my agent has categorized as young adult near-future thriller), and have spent this past year working on another in the same-ish wheelhouse. 

The good news? I’m having a whole lot of fun, especially with my current manuscript, which has been pretty darn angst-free. A gift from above, truly. Especially in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. 

The uncertain news? I don’t know when exactly I’ll get to share these stories. Like everything else, the publishing world is in major flux at the moment. But here is what I do know: At some point, I will get to share them. 

Which leaves me with two quick things:

  1. Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to ask, “What’s next?” I love that you’ve found my books and have enjoyed them enough to want more!

  2. When the times comes, I for real cannot wait to share more about these two book-babes of mine!  

Stay safe, Reader Friends! Stay sane, and healthy, too!

Much Love,