The Contest Promo Week

Hey All! For this week only, my new release (The Contest by K.E. Ganshert) will be available for the low, low price of 99¢ on the major ebook platforms! If you’re wanting to give this one a read or you know someone who might want to give this one a read, now’s the time to snag a copy! Ninety-nine pennies is pretty affordable. 

Here’s the most recent review on Amazon, which made me smile …

I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to like this book because it is a lot different from what I usually read. What I found was that I didn’t just like it…I loved it!!! The characters were well thought out and developed making it easy to figure out who the good vs bad guys were…I can’t give away the whole story but I will say it is fantastic…The Contest is a blend of action, adventure, suspense, drama, romance, and magic. A select group of people have been invited to compete in a contest and whoever is the winner will have a wish granted. Each of these people has a very special wish in mind and they are all determined to be victorious. There are people from every walk of life…Briar Bishop lives in abject poverty and Leo Davenbrook is the crown prince. After receiving instructions for what participating will entail, they are all warned that it will be dangerous and potentially deadly…they agree to the terms and The Contest begins. Who will survive the challenges? Who will give up? Who will perish? Who will be the ultimate victor? And who will find love in the most unexpected place? I highly recommend this book and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

You can grab a copy on Amazon or you can visit the book page on my website for more store links. I hope you enjoy! 

No One Ever Asked E-Book Sale

Hey Friends – 

Just dropping a quick note to say that No One Ever Asked is currently on sale wherever ebooks are sold for the very low price of $1.99! This one isn’t on sale very often, so if you’re wanting to read, now’s the time to snag yourself a copy! 

Here’s the back cover summary …

Three Families. Two School Districts. A Dozen Miles Between Them, But Worlds Apart.

When an impoverished Missouri school district loses its accreditation, the nearby affluent community of Crystal Ridge has no choice but to open its doors to bussed students. Soon the lives of three very different women converge: Camille Gray, long-standing PTA chairwoman and champion fund-raiser, faced with a rattling discovery that threatens to tear apart her picture-perfect world; Jen Covington, a career nurse whose painful journey to motherhood finally results in a happily-ever-after, though not the one she anticipated; and Anaya Jones, the first woman in her family to graduate college and a brand-new teacher at Crystal Ridge’s top elementary school, who is unprepared for the minefield she is stepping into. As tensions rise, Camille, Jen, and Anaya will fiercely protect their loved ones – but at what cost?

Inspired by real-world events, No One Ever Asked is a riveting tale about the way we see one another, the lies we tell ourselves, the questions and stories that go unexplored, and the tragedies that result from our blindness.

Check out the No One Ever Asked book page for buy links! 

New Release Tuesday

Hey friends! Guess what? I’ve got a brand new novel coming into the world today! An all new cast of characters. An all new world. All new twists, turns, secrets, adventures, and romance! A story that’s been in the works for going on two years. If you’re in the market for a new book, I hope you’ll give this one a try!

A girl with nothing. A prince with everything. Only one can win.

In a world of haves and have nots, where petty crime is punishable by death and magic is forbidden, a deadly contest unfolds in secret. Twelve competitors are mysteriously invited. The winner gets one wish. 

For 17-year-old Briar Bishop, this means saving her brother from execution by guillotine, and she’s not going to let anything or anyone get in her way. Especially not Leo Davenbrook, the handsome High Prince, who has grown up with everything she never had and whose very presence threatens her chance at survival. She has no idea a darker battle wages, one that could lead to a fate far worse than the death of her brother.

K. E. Ganshert thrills with this adventurous, addictive read! Her ability to tap into the young adult mind and pen a story that is appealing, intriguing, and thought-provoking is second to none. And yet, this older adult mind enjoyed every minute between the pages of this compelling tale of avarice and sacrifice, danger and romance. With shades of The Hunger Games but a unique feel all its own, The Contest is a foray into the best of any YA fantasy romance!”  

– Rel Mollet, Relz Reviewz