Let’s Party

Save the DateWho likes parties?

Or even better, who likes to party from the comfort of your very own home, only you don’t have to host guests or clean bathrooms or prepare food or even wear makeup!

If that sounds like your kind of party, I hope you’ll come to the A Broken Kind of Beautiful Facebook Webcast Party tonight, from 6-7 pm, CST.

We will be giving away SIX prize packages.

There will be two special guests joining us–Becky Wade and Melissa Tagg, both of whom will be giving away their upcoming releases.

There will be mingling via a chat box (no need to hit that pesky refresh button).

And I will be broadcasting live via a video webcast. 

I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes stuff about my latest release, A Broken Kind of Beautiful, and answering questions.

If you’d like to see pictures of all the prizes we’ll be giving away, you can hop over to this page. All the prizes will be bundled into six separate packages and we’ll be giving away one prize package every ten minutes. 

It’ll be fast-paced and high-energy and lots o’ fun!

To join, simply click on this link and hit JOIN, then feel free to invite your friends! The more the merrier. 

The party itself will be located here. This is the location you will go to when 6 pm, CST arrives (or a little before if you want to arrive early). 

I hope you can make it!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Party

  1. Tina Rice

    Sounds great!

  2. How exciting! Count me in! 🙂

  3. Ganise C.

    I don’t have FB but Dad just told me I can use his account to sign in. Whoo-hoo. This should be fun 🙂 So if you notice a certain ” Garry Clermont” at the party tonight, ’tis me!


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