Pinterest War: Battle One Results

Pinterest Challenge OneThe top picture is the one found on Pinterest. The one below is the Ganshert’s attempt to wax Easter eggs.

Okay. So our eggs aren’t the prettiest eggs you’ve ever seen.

Although I must say, the cracked one with the toothpick antennae has a certain charm to it. And who doesn’t like a black Easter egg? Symbolic of Black Friday, no?

Despite their slightly pathetic appearance, they were super fun and easy to make and a huge hit with my son who does not like to color paper but apparently likes to color hot, hard eggs.

Did you play?

If so, Becky Wade and I would love to see your picture on Facebook or Twitter! Make sure to tag us so we can see it.

We’ll enter all participants’ names into a hat and at the end of the war, we’ll draw some winners to receive our novels!

My newest release, Wishing on Willows, hits shelves next week, March 19th! Pre-order your copy now and my publisher will email you seven free devotionals I wrote especially for my readers!

Becky Wade’s newest, Undeniably Yours, follows a few weeks later on May 1st!

Before you vote on a winner for this epic first battle, I think it’s only fair you see Becky’s eggs. I’m afraid the Wade eggs put the Ganshert eggs to shame! But fun was had by all, so that’s what matters, right? (says the loser)

Becky Wade pinterest eggs

Now the question is….Pinterest success or fail?

I’m guest posting on Divine Moments today about how to conduct a successful puzzle piece adoption fundraiser!

10 thoughts on “Pinterest War: Battle One Results

  1. LOL re: your comment about the black egg, Katie. Still smiling.

    And as Jennifer Major said, none of mine had antlers. My kids aren’t very antler-creative.

    1. But…the bottom left green and brown one looks like Thai batik. I’m impressed.

  2. Well, noooo, maybe yours are just as good as hers…would be if she closed her eyes the whole time.
    And hers don’t have ANTLERS? Right???

  3. I tried to post once, but it didn’t go through.

    What a fun challenge. And a great way to help market each other’s books.

  4. awww, I think they look very Easter-y. I fried an egg this morning, but there hasn’t been time this week to do anything more than that with one. Enjoy the games!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      LOL! Some weeks are just like that, aren’t they? Hope you enjoyed your egg!

  5. Wow, am I ever out of it. Go back to work and the whole world slips away…or at least these fun battles you’re having.

    Time for me to get with the program. 😉

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Hope work is going well, Wendy-girl!

  6. What fun! Both you and Becky did a great job with your eggs. I love that the B-man helped you and had a good time doing so.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thanks Keli! Becky hasn’t posted hers yet. I’m sure they will be phenomenal and put my poor eggs to shame. I’m excited to see them!


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