Finding That Stride in 2019

Hey Friends ~

I think it’s about time for another update, because somehow it’s 2019 … and not just the beginning, either. We’ve officially entered month three. Hopefully March will bring us better weather, even if my weather app’s extended forecast is looking rather depressing at the moment. It’s been a brutal winter, hasn’t it? I’m beyond ready for warmth and sunshine and open windows.

So what’s been going on in my writing world?

You know, this has been a slow-moving writing year for me. I’m still getting back in the swing of things, trying to find my creative stride. It’s a new normal–having both kids in school full time. A glorious normal, for sure. But after a whole year off, the gears were more than a little rusty. I’m attempting to give myself grace as I get them working efficiently again.

I finished the rough draft for the first book in a potential Young Adult series that would be in the same vein as The Gifting. I actually finished two rough drafts. Y’all, my writing process drives me a little nuts. The first draft is truly horrendous. Like, I only use 20% of it. Maybe. I think 20% is being generous. Usually, though, I’m able to get A LOT closer the second go round. Such was not the case with this particular story. I think the premise is super strong. It has all the potential in the world. I just can’t seem to come through with the execution. After writing a mostly all-new second draft that still felt really bad, I decided to take a break from said Young Adult novel, and dive into a project I am every bit as excited about, one much more similar to my latest release, No One Ever Asked.

I’m currently moving from brainstorming mode–developing characters, figuring out journeys, finding the perfect climactic moment to build toward–to proposal-writing mode. You guys. I haven’t been in this mode in ages and ages and ages. I’m not even sure I know what a synopsis is anymore. But a synopsis I must write.

My plan? Write the synopsis for this new project. A back cover blurb. A few sample chapters. Send the proposal off to my agent, and then jump back into the YA novel while my agent does what agents do. I’m really hoping this extended break will give me the fresh eyes needed to make my young adult story everything I know it has the potential to be.

Some of you have reached out to ask when my next book is being released.

The bummer about taking an entire year off? You have an inevitable gap. Even more honest than that? I’m a woman torn between two genres. I’m equally fond of The Gifting and No One Ever Asked. I’m not entirely sure which direction I want to go with my career. It’s something I’m praying about, thinking hard on. For now, though, my goal is to get this proposal done, and see if I can’t fix all that’s wrong with the young adult. It’d be great if I could end this school year with a strong proposal and a completed young adult novel I wouldn’t be mortified to send to my agent. Then I can start making some business decisions.

We shall see!

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4 thoughts on “Finding That Stride in 2019

  1. Susan M

    Hi Katie! Congratulations on all of your success! Best of luck with the YA.

  2. Brenda Murphree

    I hope you can do both. I loved your two books that I have read. Life After and No One Ever Asked. I also really enjoyed the audiobook of A Broken Kind Of Beautiful. I was blessed to be able to promote and leave reviews for these two books. I plan on reading some more of your books. I actually have some of them in my TBR pile. I pray God leads you into the right direction.

  3. My thoughts? With all you have under your belt, I don’t see why you couldn’t be enormously successful doing both.

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re not giving up on the YA. I don’t consider myself a YA fan. I read it once in a while for a change. I totally LOVED the Gifting series! Not too long ago, I read Life After and was equally blown away. Have fun deciding where to focus!


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