Duck Update

For all you romance writers out there, there was officially a duck love triangle this morning. My husband spotted Mr. and Mrs. Duck in the neighbor’s yard. Only there was a usurper in their midst. Another male duck – competition! The two males had a sort of face-off and flew away, leaving Mrs. Duck alone to contemplate her options. We were very sad about this until Mr. Duck (I don’t think its the usurper) came back. The two are now reunited. He fought for her!

No writing this morning. I have to go clean my atrocious house and I am dreading every minute of it. Why do I let it get so out of hand?
Question to ponder: What’s the best love triangle you’ve ever read or written about?


3 thoughts on “Duck Update

  1. Ryan_McGivern

    Don’t you hate that it seems a few hours after cleaning the house it gets dirty again all of a sudden? I also share your dislike for cleaning.

    Glad to hear you had a good writing weekend 🙂 I don’t know that I can recall any good love triangles that I have read about…oh wait, I got one (but kind of weak)…I think that Twilight had a good love triangle going on between Edward, Bella, and Jacob (I think the author did a good job of resolving it and even explaining why it was going on…with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee).

  2. Katie

    Well the house is clean! YEA! Now I just have to keep it clean. I literally spent three and a half hours yesterday cleaning it. Today has been a wonderful writing day though.

  3. sherrinda

    Yea for triumphant love…even in Duck Land! I feel for you regarding the house…mine was atrocious last week and I had to spend 1/2 a day getting it back under control. I always kick myself for letting it get so out of control.

    I’d rather be writing!!!!


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