3 C’s – It’s Friday

Sometimes waiting isn’t too bad. Other times, it drives me absolutely bonkers. I’m feeling a little bonkers right now. Like there’s this hyperactive bug crawling through my veins, only I’m in the silent section of the library, so the polite thing to do is sit and be quiet. Please tell me you know that feeling. Or am I the only one?

May I highly recommend writing flash fiction when the waiting starts to drive you nuts? The entire process is SO much quicker. For both the actual writing and getting it published. It’s a nice break for a girl whose roots run deep in the soils of immediate gratification.

Parent Teacher conferences next week, which I love for the sake of getting on the same page with parents and students. But seeing my family? That’s a rare commodity during conference week. It’s tough not getting home until 9 pm with a toddler at home.

I’m getting a short story published in CFOM in January (Wendy?). I wrote it a few nights ago after reading a verse in Isaiah. It’s not what I usually write. It’s sort of allegorical. Not even sort of. I guess it is allegorical. I’m excited to share it.

God is so good. ALL the time. When I face disappointment. When I wait. When I jump in jubilation. His goodness doesn’t change. I want to live my life for Him. I want to glorify Him in everything. I want to rest in the peace and joy that comes from knowing Him. There are so many things to chase after in this world, but none satisfy like the arms of Jesus and that is most definitely something to celebrate.

Question to Ponder: What are your cares, concerns, and celebrations today?removetweetmeme

15 thoughts on “3 C’s – It’s Friday

  1. Patti Lacy

    What a lovely post. May God use your article to glorify His name!

    cares & concerns: Two deadlines. Still looming! Crazy busy became insanely busy when range went out!!!

    praise: we are healthy and have a roof over our head. It is joyous to write for God and lead a Bible study.
    Yep, counting blessings as stress level is high!!

    Thanks for letting me vent outta the cave!!1


  2. Sarah Forgrave

    Congratulations on the short story!

    I had a bit of a rough week…got a rejection from you-know-which-agent. I'm obviously disappointed, but I've also moved on. I am beyond grateful that this agent gave me detailed feedback. So now I'm taking the recommendations and scouring my manuscript one more time to spruce it up before I fulfill the editor's request from conference. Between that and a vacation coming up, life's a bit hectic. πŸ™‚

  3. Jessica Nelson

    I'm so impressed by how often you're getting your shorts pubbed! That's awesome. πŸ™‚ Big congrats.
    The waiting is hard, for sure. No real cares, concerns at the moment. Just my normal life, which is a good thing. πŸ™‚ Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Sue Harrison

    Congrats on your story, Katie! I think short stories are so difficult to write. The whole plot and characterization thing squeezed into just a few pages. Aaargh! Happy for you!

  5. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Katie –

    That's awesome! Getting a shorter piece publish makes the waiting easier. πŸ™‚

    Cares & Concerns: The usual job stuff.

    Celebration: My best friend and her husband are visiting tomorrow. Yay!


  6. Heather Sunseri

    Congrats on getting another story published!

    Cares: Working on edits/rewrites and I'm tired of working on edits/rewrites!
    Concerns: I had a week long headache while these weather fronts moved through.
    Celebrations: My birthday was yesterday! Hooray, I guess!

  7. Erica Vetsch

    Congratulations on getting another story published!

    And you are not alone in the instant gratification, hate to wait, willies.

    Hope you have a great conference week, and that you can eek out a little time with the boys in there.

  8. T. Anne

    Wow what can I say to that other than amen! Congrats on the short story publication!!! I think that's great! My three c's?

    Care; I wonder where I am right now God's life plan timeline. I'd love a peek.

    Concern: I have a funeral tomorrow and I hate those.

    Celebration: I love to celebrate Halloween with my family. We always turn it into a special event.

  9. Terri Tiffany

    I love your last paragragh the most! I can feel your excitement in being a Christian!!
    My happiness today is that next Sunday my daughter and grandson arrive for a two week visit!!

  10. Laura Marcella

    Congrats in your story, Katie! That's so exciting!!!

  11. TerryLynnJohnson

    Congrats on your success!!! That's great news!
    My number one concern right now is waiting for editors to get back to my agent. Being on sub is slightly stressful!

  12. Wendy Paine Miller

    You are all kinds of awesome. I gots nothin' for CFOM, but would be highly interested if they'd publish my novel in there. πŸ˜‰

    I'm with you on the waiting. I think God is laughing, saying to Himself and she thought she was good at waiting. Oh so much to teach that child.

    So much to learn!

    I've decided you've got that bug in you from the Matrix. I do too. πŸ˜‰

    Cares: Learning how to wait with integrity and work hard on WIP.
    Concerns: Me w/out Jesus (I think this could be an every Fri. answer on this one).
    Celebrations: I'm a year older on Sunday. I know, Halloween, explains a lot–right? πŸ˜€

    Love. Love.
    ~ Wendy

  13. CJ

    Congrats on your story! Concerns: Trying to lose weight, I hope I don't sabbotage myself by getting into the Halloween candy.

  14. Sandra Heska King

    Cares: I'm doing another major declutter. Between focusing lately on my blog and teaching Bible study, I haven't spent the time on my book projects. I really wanted to try NaNo this time, but I'm not ready.

    Concerns: My son and his girlfriend are planning a 4th of July wedding on the beach at Lake Michigan. They nixed the perfect place for the reception because they were uncomfortable with the B&B owner's business practices. Destination weddings are hard, and big details need to be sewn up soon since it's a holiday. We are paying for everything because the girl came from a difficult home situation.

    Celebration: My sweet grandgirl has been struggling with focusing at school and meltdowns at home. But this week she started ADD medication and found out she needed glasses. Hopefully, the combination will help her!

    So excited for you. Congratulations! Have a great weekend.

  15. Sherrinda

    Congratulations on getting your story published! And you just wrote it? Wow! Talk about immediate gratification!

    Celebration: I finished up my deadline at work early! Now I can get caught up on everything I've let go….FILING! lol

    Cares: Getting my new story plotted out before NaNo starts Monday. It's getting there, but this weekend is so busy that I don't know if I can get the story fleshed out like I wanted.


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