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Raise your hand if you love to read.

Keep that hand up if you love to read WHILE supporting awesome organizations.

Keep that hand up if you love to read WHILE supporting awesome organizations WHILE entering to win a $25 gift card to Amazon or iBooks (winner’s choice).

Well, then. If your hand is up in the air, I hope you will help me spread the word!

Here’s the deal.

On Thursday, December 10th and Friday, December 11th, all proceeds from sales pertaining to The Gifting Trilogy will go to the Love More Foundation (see below to check out this amazing organization). The more sales on these two days, the more money we’ll get to donate.

Which means, I would LOVE your help spreading the word! Tell everybody you know. Shout it from the rooftops! If ever there was a good excuse to buy a series of books, this is it, since readers will not only be purchasing personal entertainment, they’ll be helping vulnerable women and children from a country that is oh-so near and dear to this author’s heart.

Just so you know, book 1 (The Gifting) is free in digital format, which doesn’t do a whole lot for proceeds. Readers can purchase the entire trilogy for $10 (digital). Proceeds for both paperback and digital apply.

Make sure to use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win the $25 gift card!

The Gifting (Book 1) Buy Links

The Awakening (Book 2) Buy Links

The Gathering (Book 3) Buy Links

About Love More:

Love More Foundation is a registered 501c3 that exists to serve women and children of impoverished nations with a current focus in the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Current projects focus on the basic necessity of food, empowering through education and offering healing, hope and a home to girls rescued from hard places.

If you’d like to bypass my books altogether and donate directly to Love More, please visit their website. All donations are tax deductible. You can also sponsor a child in DRC! Just $30 a month will keep his or her belly fed. Check out the children waiting for sponsorship on the Love More Facebook Page.

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There’s More!

Reeds of Hope gift basket

While we’re on the topic of organizations doing amazing, life-changing work in the DRC, I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce you to Reeds of Hope. They support vulnerable children and their families by meeting physical, spiritual, and educational needs through meaningful in-country partnerships, and they are currently raffling off this beauty: The Harambee Basket, which includes the complete autographed set of The Gifting Trilogy! You could win ALL of this for only $10! The raffle closes on Saturday, December 13th at 7 pm PST. Click on the link for details.

Even more awesomeness? Visit Reeds of Hope’s FB page, share the link to the Harambee Basket they’ve posted, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate.

4 thoughts on “Read More, Love More, Win More

  1. Mariana Skonieczka

    Congratulations on your little girl! I prayed for you every time I read one of your excerpts from the Daily Guideposts. I was thrilled to read that you have her and the pictures are adorable.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thank you Mariana! Those prayers were (and are!) everything!

  2. Christina

    I don’t know how to use instagram and the URL???

    1. Katie Ganshert

      You don’t have to post the URL for instagram. Instagram is an app you can download on your phone. It’s like Facebook, only you just share pictures. As far as the URL on Facebook: share on Facebook, on your Facebook post right below your name you will see some sort of time (1 min, just now, etc). Click on that. Then go up to the bar where you type in website addresses (this is the URL). Highlight the URL. Copy it. Then paste it in the place Rafflecopter is asking for it. Hope that helps!


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