Friday Favorite: Congo Cooking

Friday FavoritesMy first attempt to cook authentic Congolese cuisine this week was a smashing success. And so incredibly fun!

I couldn’t stop smiling all night.

There was something very special about learning to cook food from my daughter’s country.

Especially the fufu, which is something she eats every single day.

Tangine Chicken with fufu and fried plantains:

the complete meal

Next week, I’m going to try Muamba Nsusu with yep, fufu and fried plantains (again).

I want to master the art of those second two so when our little girl is home, I can make her some familiar foods.

Let’s Talk: What’s the most foreign-type meal you’ve ever tackled in the kitchen?

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Congo Cooking

  1. Thanks for sharing this great news with us. I hope we will get great knowledge by this.

  2. I think it’s so neat that you are putting the love and effort into learning the dishes. What a blessing to her.

  3. Beverly Snyder

    I love eating and cooking a wide variety of ethnic dishes. One I’ve made for years is Egyptian Kucherie.
    Most recently cooks on a misison trip taught me how to make Honduran baleadas, pupusas, and yuca frita (cassava fries). Oh–with sauces like avacado and Chimichurri.
    Now I want to go back and figure out how to season their Honduran barbeque (like five or six meats, grilled then chopped and mixed together, then served on tortilla with condiments and avacado sauce–incredibly good).

  4. My daughter-in-love, who calls herself a Jap-o-Port (Japanese/Portuguese), taught the entire family how to make sushi. Yum!

  5. Cherie Kasper

    I’ve made a couple of Czech meals quite a bit during our marriage. My husband is Czech.
    I also tried an Indian Curry chicken dish once, came out pretty good.

  6. I make Haitian spaghetti from time to time. I also attempted a few Costa Rican meals before and after I traveled there.

    And a few weeks ago, my son and I decided we wanted to learn how to make REAL Sicilian pizza (where my husband’s family is from). I’m not sure we succeeded with this one, though. 🙂

    I think it’s incredible that you’re learning your daughter’s heritage. You are going to make the most incredible mother to that special little girl.


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