Friday Faves

Chin-Grabbers for Everyone:

  • Musings on Weariness and Restlby Amy

    Ever feel like there’s too much on your plate? Or like you’re being buried beneath all the demands and expectations life tends to heap on the old shoulders? Then this is where you need to park yourself today! I found it to be a much-needed shot of honesty and encouragement.

  •  Cracked Out: It Can Happen to Anyonelby Jessica R. Path

    “Doing something for God’s glory doesn’t replace spending time in God’s glory.” Can I get a resounding Amen? Jessica discusses how easy it is to become like cracked, bleeding skin–not just in the valleys, but on the mountain tops too. For me, that’s where I’m most prone to drying out.

  •  8 Reasons Why Waiting is Hardlby Wendy Paine Miller

    This post was genius. I think all of us can identify with at least one of these eight ladies.

 Chin-Grabbers for Writers:

  •  Manners Matter: 13 Etiquette Tipslby Rachelle Gardner

    Easy-to-follow tips that will not only make you look good, but following them will make the lives of the people around you easier.

  •  There is No Time for Despairlby Rachelle Gardner

    Some good news/bad news in the world of publishing, plus some valuable parting wisdom from a knowledgeable literary agent.

  • Revisions Day One: The Read Through by best-selling author of the popular dystopian trilogy, Divergent

    I loved reading about this young author’s behind-the-scenes editing process. I especially love the helpful questions she asks!

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!