What’s Your Testimony?

In the Christian world, a lot of lingo gets tossed around.

One of which is the word testimony.

People will often ask, “What’s your testimony?”

Basically, a testimony is a faith story. Usually, it’s in reference to a person’s personal relationship with the Jesus man. 

Mine is pretty simple. I tell a more detailed story on my Faith Journey page

I grew up going to church on Sunday. I went to religion class on Wednesday.

But I didn’t get it, ya know? I had a religion, not a relationship. 

Not until my freshman year of college.

I realized Christianity isn’t about religion. It’s not about being good. It’s not about a set of rules.

It’s about having a living, breathing relationship with a living, breathing God.

It’s about trusting in Him completely.

And discovering that surrendering brings crazy freedom. I mean, off the hook, transformative freedom.

Let’s Talk: What’s your testimony? 

Join me over at Ashley’s blog. I’m guest posting about suffering and the question we should ask when it comes our way.

30 thoughts on “What’s Your Testimony?

  1. I also grew up in a Christian home, Sunday School, and church. Early on, I understood I needed forgiveness.

    At a church service, my grandfather asked if I wanted to go forward when an invitation was given. I did, but it wasn’t until I was in my early teens that I totally fell in love with the Master.

  2. Oh, so many to choose from in my life. You probably mean conversion testimony but I’m sharing another one at my place right now. . .if you have the time. . .

    First we have our conversion testimony and then all throughout our lives I hope we have many to share of what God has done and may we share to give God the glory! 🙂

    1. Katie Ganshert

      You are so right Kristin – we have testimonies throughout our entire life. Every single day we should search for a testimony of God’s grace in our lives.

  3. I wanted to what would make people happy. I developed a droll wit and perfect comic timing. To quote the late Rich Mullins “I know if I can make you laugh, I know I can make you like me”. When, as a child, you have DROVES of relatives walk out on you, you truly believe it’s *you. I did not know who Jennifer was until my husband and I moved 2000 miles from home. Then I had to figure me out, in the light of just me, hubby and two little kids. Alot of times, it was “Lord, who am I?” Then we moved again. Shock and awe. “Who am I now?”
    When I finally stopped trying to fit in what I perceived to be the perfectly shaped, Beth Moore loving, skinny, Proverbs 31 hole… I realized that God made me in my own shape. Which is a Monty Python loving, bad boy marrying nut-job who thinks if someone would just sit Magua down and let him have a good cry, then he’d realize that Cora and Alice should just go free.
    I am inherently VERY shy, I am afraid of being misjudged, I want to do what God wills, not what I will. I think I’m a good writer, a better friend, and a very good mother.

    Jesus told me that I’m worth dying for.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      That last line totally made me teary. Jennifer, I feel like I know you even better now. And it makes me wish you lived closer so we could be “real-life” friends instead of “internet” friends. I think that question, “Lord, who am I?” is such a powerful one. Definitely one I need to ask of God more often.

      1. Katie, think of this when you do ask Him. Close your eyes (okay, read this first ;)) and imagine you’re sitting beside Jesus and you say “Lord, who am I?”
        He’ll look back at you, put His arms around and smile, then He’ll say…
        I’ve learned that those words are ALL I need to hear.

    2. Oh my goodness! I had to comment since Last of the Mohicans is my absolute FAVE movie and yes, even though Magua is the antagonist, he has sooo much hurt. What a great line you wrote! I’m glad you’re figuring out your fit. 🙂 Feels good, right?

  4. Love this! I detailed my testimony in my Wildflowers from Winter post on your blog hop (http://lindsayharrel.blogspot.com/2012/05/wildflowers-from-winter-my-story.html).

    Basically, Jesus became real to me. More than a story. More than rules in a book.

    And God used suffering to show me the Light.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Loved your WfW story, Lindsay!

  5. My upbringing sounds similar to yours, Katie, attending church and religion classes, but not understanding the transforming power of a “relationship” with Jesus Christ (versus just knowing His name). However, for me it took some devastating losses and pain to bring me to the foot of the cross and into the arms of my Savior. Many of my posts incorporate bits of my testimony, but I guess I’ve never written it out indepth. I’ll have to do that sometime.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      When you do – make sure to share the link with me. I’d love to read it in its entirety. If it was anything like your Wildflowers from Winter story, then I know it will be incredibly powerful and God-glorifying.

  6. Mine came from internal desperation when I was in 8th grade. I didn’t know there was a “prayer” to say, or a “process”, I just knew I needed help and Jesus seemed the guy who was up for it.
    The realest, most healing thing I’ve ever done was to follow Him.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Amen, sister. Amen.

  7. I love your testimony, Katie. I wish all college students could encounter a relationship with Christ like you did – how different our world would be. I’ve come to realize more and more that Christ is after a genuine relationship with us – the religion part often gets in the way. I’m seeing more and more Christians come to this beautiful understanding.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      It was definitely not a normal time. While all my dorm floor friends were partying (and trust me….I could’ve gone that way, I definitely went that way in high school), I was finding an entirely new life that brought such freedom and joy.

  8. “I realized Christianity isn’t about religion. It’s not about being good. It’s not about a set of rules.

    It’s about having a living, breathing relationship with a living, breathing God.

    It’s about trusting in Him completely.”

    You nailed it! Amen!!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thanks Jessica! You nail it EVERY SINGLE Wednesday on your blog. I always catch myself nodding or saying Amen out loud when I read them.

  9. I’ve always had a close relationship with the Lord, but it really deepened when we moved across the country. I found a book called Being a Mary in a Martha World (can’t remember the exact title!), and it had an exercise in it. Basically, you prepare a mental room where you can sit and talk with God–the way you would a friend.

    That changed everything. Instead of simply praying, I began listening, requesting, thanking… I’m so grateful for that book!

    1. Jill, I love this idea. A couple years ago I began to mentally picture sitting in a garden with Jesus, talking to Him and listening to Him. He showed me it was the garden of my heart, which needed a lot of work and we diligently work there together now, pulling out the weeds and tending to the flowers. I’ve never read the book you’re referring to, but it sounds amazing.

    2. Jill,

      I’ve read the book you’re talking about. It’s called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. You’re right – it’s amazing. I still go back to several pages that I’ve bookmarked when I need a reminder to be still before God.

    3. Katie Ganshert

      Okay – I totally need to get this book! You’re not the only person who’s raved about it.

  10. I grew up in an amazing Christian family with awesome parents who constantly modeled to me what it means to live for Christ. But there’s something about getting away from all that’s comfortable that tests a person’s faith…that happened for me when I studied abroad in college…and I experienced God and his faithfulness in a whole new way…my faith definitely became more “real” and more my own during that experience.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Gotta love those moments in our lives when God becomes more real and more personal to us. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  11. lookin for love in all the wrong places… when love found me, and i fell in love with the inventor of real love and grace that never runs out! …

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Isn’t that first part a song?

      I’m so thankful His grace never runs out!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thanks for sharing, Jessica!

  13. I was a mess. I’m still a mess. But I’ve got God, so it’s all good. That’s what my sleep brain come up with this morning. I was up a little late at a live chat PAR-TY! B/c I was there you know, so there!
    ~ Wendy

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Loved that you were there, Wendy. And I’m a mess right there with you.


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