Friday Favorite: Puzzle Pieces

One of my soul sisters, Wendy Miller, sent me this pin the other day and I absolutely loved it.

First, because it’s true.

Second, because it’s never been MORE true in my life than right now. Literally so.

You see, the Gansherts have been doing a fundraiser for our adoption that involves a 500 piece puzzle.

Over the past two weeks, 289 of those pieces have been sponsored.

By family. By friends. By acquaintances. By complete strangers.

As I write names on the back of each piece, I’m reminded again and again that so many are becoming a part of our story. So many are coming alongside us and helping us complete the picture that will be our unique family.

To say we are touched may be the understatement of the century.

If you’d like to see a picture of the puzzle so far, hop on over to our adoption fundraising blog.

Let’s Talk: Tell me about someone who’s been a big piece in your life’s puzzle.

Friday Favorite: A Song

Friday FavoritesFear has been rearing it’s head in my life as of late, so today’s Friday Favorite is a song that’s been ministering to me in such an amazing way.

I love the message Chris Tomlin has for his listeners.

“We live in a time of panic, and fear, and a time of anxiety. People feel so much coming at them. From every way, we feel surrounded with so many troubles. My heart is when people hear this song, that their eyes would be opened, to realize what’s really going on. That those who are for us are more than those who are against us.”

Feeling afraid? Want some powerful, triumphant truth?

Check out 2 Kings, chapter 6 and read who our God is–a God of angel armies. A God who holds the whole world in His hand. Whom shall we fear?

I hope this song encourages you as much as it’s been encouraging me! Check out the “making of” Whom Shall I Fear, and then enjoy the song!

Let’s Talk: What’s a favorite from your week? If it’s a video or a blog post, please share the link in the comments!

Friday Favorites: Band Aid Power

band aidSo I’ve decided to make my Friday Favorites a little less specific.

From now on, I won’t always have a list of links to beloved blog posts from the week.

My Friday Favorite could be any number of things.

A favorite pin on Pinterest.

A favorite video on Youtube.

A favorite quote from a book.

A favorite movie or show recently watched.

A favorite Tweet from Twitter friends.

A favorite Bible verse.

A favorite song.

A favorite recipe.

A favorite blog post or article.

Or, like today, a favorite Broganism.

In case you don’t know, a Broganism can be defined as follows:

A word, phrase, prayer, story, or action that comes from my four-year old son, who is named Brogan.

And that’s exactly what today’s Friday Favorite is. A Broganism.

Allow me to set the stage…

Both of my boys have had the flu this week. Brogan’s on the mend. Ryan’s getting there.

Yesterday, Ryan was suffering from the headache of all headaches.

Enter the Broganism….

Brogan: What’s wrong, Dad? Are you sick?

Ryan: My head hurts.

Brogan goes into the bathroom, comes out with a Band Aid, unwraps it, and sticks it on Ryan’s eyebrow.

All better!

The kid is quite literal. And he’s at that age where Band Aids contain magical healing powers.

In the midst of my frantic Lysol spraying, it definitely brought a smile to my face.

Let’s Talk: What’s a Friday Favorite from your week? Feel free to include a link!

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