Friday Favorites: Band Aid Power

band aidSo I’ve decided to make my Friday Favorites a little less specific.

From now on, I won’t always have a list of links to beloved blog posts from the week.

My Friday Favorite could be any number of things.

A favorite pin on Pinterest.

A favorite video on Youtube.

A favorite quote from a book.

A favorite movie or show recently watched.

A favorite Tweet from Twitter friends.

A favorite Bible verse.

A favorite song.

A favorite recipe.

A favorite blog post or article.

Or, like today, a favorite Broganism.

In case you don’t know, a Broganism can be defined as follows:

A word, phrase, prayer, story, or action that comes from my four-year old son, who is named Brogan.

And that’s exactly what today’s Friday Favorite is. A Broganism.

Allow me to set the stage…

Both of my boys have had the flu this week. Brogan’s on the mend. Ryan’s getting there.

Yesterday, Ryan was suffering from the headache of all headaches.

Enter the Broganism….

Brogan: What’s wrong, Dad? Are you sick?

Ryan: My head hurts.

Brogan goes into the bathroom, comes out with a Band Aid, unwraps it, and sticks it on Ryan’s eyebrow.

All better!

The kid is quite literal. And he’s at that age where Band Aids contain magical healing powers.

In the midst of my frantic Lysol spraying, it definitely brought a smile to my face.

Let’s Talk: What’s a Friday Favorite from your week? Feel free to include a link!

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20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Band Aid Power

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  2. A band-aid brings such comfort to a child. I sure wish it did cure headaches. I’d grab one right now!

    My favorite thing this week: an agent and a publishing contract. πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite song of the week: “I’m Alive” by Peter Furler. It’s one of those songs that, when it comes on the car radio, you have to crank up the bass (to the point where other people on the highway can hear it). Of course, there was that one time…The Sheriff pulled up in the lane next to me, so I ceased my 40-something-year-old-gray-head-banging. I didn’t want him to think I was having a seizure.

  4. Cherie Kasper

    That song is my all time favorite, and I could actually smell the coffee (which I don’t like to drink). I became more calm and peaceful feeling just listening to the song and imagining I was there. Thank you for that, and the recipes.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Oh yay! So glad! That’s exactly how Robin would want you to feel if you actually got to visit her cafe. I love that song too!

  5. Love it!
    I didn’t write a post about this, it just happened this morning. I guess my Friday favorite would be how God answers prayers some times. . .Feeling sluggish this morning, but wanting to get my floors clean, I prayed asking God to give me some uummph to get up and get going. 5 minutes later a full, glass bottle crashes onto my tile floors sending liquid smoke fumes into the house. Yep, that did it! I now have clean floors and the fresh scent of pine-sol floating through my home. Thank you God πŸ™‚

    1. Katie Ganshert

      A little angelic push, maybe?

  6. I think my favorite was watching my son jump into reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series at the library. I love to watch him read. He makes faces, laughs, frowns. I can tell he’s really experiencing the journey. πŸ™‚

    1. Katie Ganshert

      That is the BEST! I can’t wait until I can start reading chapter books with my son.

  7. Aww, that’s so sweet! I’ve had such a great week, I couldn’t pick one thing! But I am making brownies this afternoon, so maybe that will be it. πŸ™‚

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Yay for awesome weeks and double yay for yummy brownies!

  8. Love it, Katie!

    Here’s a Friday fave–a YouTube video my coworker showed me. Best quote from the whole thing: “Instagram dat joint!”

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Oh, total bummer! The video was removed from youtube. I never got to watch it!

  9. My Friday favorite a video I posted on Facebook last night. My husband took the puppies to the dog park and the little one just ran around like a maniac with a toy in his mouth. It warmed my heart because I remember just two months ago we almost lost him! So happy he’s better. Happy Friday, Katie!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      I can only imagine how much that warmed your heart, Lindsay! So glad your pup is doing well!

  10. So cute! Where’s the “love” button when you need it, right!

    I have a Sarah-ism to share. She’s five going on fifteenish! ha.

    Anyway, here goes:

    Hubs: “I feel sick. Nauseous.”

    Lydia *my 9-year old: “Oh, oh. Remember the time Sarah threw up in Daddy’s mouth?” Mind you, we’re sitting around the dinner table.

    Sarah: “I did?”

    Hubs: “Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me.”

    Sarah: “I guess I was sick one time.” And then a look of confusion. “Was I?”

    Hubs: “Uh. Yeah. You’re usually sick when you throw up.”

    Sarah: “Daddy, maybe you should close your mouth next time.” Followed by that five-year old smirk that says, ‘Just sayin…’ all day long!

    Happy Friday Katie! πŸ™‚

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Love it, Raj!

  11. Sweet story. What a caring little man you’re raising. Dr. Brogan in the future, perhaps?

  12. Ganise

    And it brought a smile to my face this morning too, thanks!

    A favorite for me.. Hmm. How about just knowing this week’s over and I can get some rest now? Is it just me or the week after the holidays is very busy!

    Hoping that your boys get well soon!

    Happy Friday, Katie and everyone else πŸ™‚

    1. Katie Ganshert

      It’s not just you, Ganise! It’s been a whirlwind here too!


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