Friday 3 C’s

B-man’s first time wading in the creek 

Our adoption agency hosted a webinar last night after their most recent trip to the Congo. 

One of our biggest concerns about adoption has been corruption, which sadly, is a very real problem in the international adoption world. Especially Africa. We’ve been on our knees about it. We’ve researched like crazy. We even swallowed a $500 application fee early in the process when we started feeling uneasy about the first agency we pursued.

We already felt confident in our agency, but last night’s webinar gave us even more peace and confidence. They are committed to the children and they are committed to the country. Their first priority is not the families who are adopting, it’s the orphans in the DRC. This is a great thing. 

But with the greatness brings an expanding time frame. Due diligence takes time. Investigating each orphanage and ensuring that each child is, in fact, a true orphan, takes time. So while I’m ready to be a mother to one of these precious little ones RIGHT NOW, we’re still looking at a year and a half.

Hopefully, we’ll get a referral sometime this fall. From there, it’ll be about ten months before court. And another 3-4 until travel. 

Waiting is not easy. But it’s worth it.

The conditions in these orphanages are heartbreaking. It’s not because the caretakers don’t care. It’s simply because the resources aren’t there. Kids are starving and kids are sick and kids are dying. 

Which makes me think of this video (Warning….don’t watch unless you’re prepared to be very convicted. The hard stuff starts at the 1:40 mark. My husband agrees. He would claw through a brick wall with his bare hands too).

It’s Friday. Jesus is my savior. He’s set me free. I love writing. I’m almost done with my revisions on Wishing on Willows. I love my family and my son and my dog. God is holding our hands as we travel this adoption journey.  

I received some very fun emails this week from readers. Thank you, dear readers! For taking the time to brighten my day in such an encouraging way.

Let’s Talk: What are your cares, concerns, and celebrations this week?

19 thoughts on “Friday 3 C’s

  1. Ganise

    My gosh, congrats Katie and hubby!
    You go, good people! First time hearing this and I truly enjoyed reading this post.

    God bless you all.

  2. There is so much I didn’t realize about international adoption! I’ll be praying for you guys and all of those children!

  3. Katie,

    Continuing to pray for your adoption process – for discernment and wisdom and patience. You’re a blessing to us readers.

    Cares: Trying to wrap up loose ends with my WIP. Asking myself questions like: Where did THAT person come from? Wait! I thought her name was Julie, not Jackie! How many months has she been pregnant now? You know the drill.

    Concerns: My attitude towards others. Which means my attitude towards God. If I could just trust Him and see others the way He does, I’d be a lot better off.

    Celebrations: God has this crazy love for me that I can’t understand but I’m oh, so grateful for it. And my husband mounted a window air-con in our bedroom (we don’t have central air) and now our room is the family hang-out. Dog pile!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Oh, Becky, I totally know the drill! Your cares made me smile. And do I ever relate to your concerns. That’s one of the reasons why I love this one song that talks about breathing in God’s grace and breathing out His praise. What would we do without His grace? I shudder at the thought.

  4. Cares: my family don’t seem to miss me. I’m 3000 miles from home and apparently, they’re all fine. Huh. Whaddya know about that?

    Concerns:the final leg of the Indian Fry Bread Road Tour starts today. For safety on the road and the health of my tour guide’s families. Both their dad and uncle are not well.

    Celebrations: The Indian Fry Bread Road Tour has been AWESOME!! Last night I had a visit with a fab new friend and even had a photo taken, which I’m sure has gone (not) viral by now. And just in case anyone is curious, Lindsay Harrel is as nice as pie and ice cream.
    Today I will interview a 100 year old Navajo lady who’s grandmother was a prisoner of the Army and was taken on The Long Walk in 1864.
    This lady is a part of American history and a firm believer in Jesus.

    1. Jennifer – How cool is that!!! (The 100-yr-old Navajo lady who is walking American history!)

      So glad you’re having such a blessed time.

    2. Katie Ganshert


      You will have to email me and let me know how it goes. That sounds like such an amazing opportunity!

  5. I know the wait will be long, but God will keep you strong!

    Cares: Had a stressful, full week. Hoping this weekend takes the edge off a bit.

    Concerns: Praying for patience as I wait on some stuff.

    Celebrations: Get to get out of the heat tomorrow for a day hike up north with some of our best friends!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Have fun tomorrow, Lindsay! Wishing you a super, fun relaxing time!

  6. You must be SO relieved to have that peace about the adoption agency. Integrity is so very important – especially when rearranging lives. I’m in awe at God’s calling in your lives to adopt from the Congo. Keep those updates coming – it’s fascinating!

    Cares: My Mom turns 70 soon and it’s amazing how the time has gone by. She’s such an inspiration and my greatest encourager. Thankful!

    Concerns: One of my best friends has shelved Jesus from her heart. She’s going through the motions of faith, but doesn’t feel it. Praying desperately for her.

    Celebrations: In 2 1/2 weeks, I’ll finally become a traditionally-published author! It feels surreal and wonder-filled at the same time. “The God of All Comfort” Bible study hits the shelves on Aug. 15th, and it’s so amazing to see it up on Amazon and my publisher’s website. Eeeek!!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Integrity is SO important. We have nothing but total respect for our agency and are so thankful God’s answered this prayer of our hearts – to keep us far from corruption.

      Woohoo! Donna – celebrating with you over your Bible study and your mama’s bday! So exciting! So sorry about your friend. I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s always hard to know what to say.

  7. Praying and celebrating with you Katie! Love your heart and passion. Stay strong, live in hope.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thanks for those prayers, Casey! You’ve been such a wonderful cheerleader to me throughout this journey!

  8. Carrie Fanderclai

    Katie, you are so amazing. I love reading about your journey and love knowing how to pray for you. My cares this week are Kyra at camp. I love that she’s had fun and am so ready to touch my sweet girl. Concerns, no job yet here. God’s got this and I’m really looking forward to seeing what path we’re on. Celebrations, Jesus is so close. He reminds me daily to rest in Him. Kurt is an amazing gift to me and I couldn’t ask for more. I am so overwhelmingly bless.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      I bet you are chomping at the bit to get your arms around that fabulous Kyra girl!

      I love how boldly and humbly you are facing this trial in your life. Your trust in Jesus is very encouraging to me!

  9. I love you and I love what your family is doing! I’m so proud to call you friend.

    Cares: My little one is in nightmare stage, which means no one is getting much sleep.
    Concerns: I miss my husband so badly it hurts. I miss my best friend. We’ve never gone this long w/out contact. Pray for him in Haiti.
    Celebrations: Repair with my mama. Praise Jesus. Perspective. God’s beauty. Berry picking, yeah I wrote it…berry picking.

    ~ Wendy

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Wendy, I’m so celebrating with you over your celebration!! Especially your mama!! And berry picking….who doesn’t love berry picking?

      Sorry about those nightmares, chica. B-man is going through a great sleeping faze right now, but last month it was nightmares every night. Not fun.

  10. Wow, the journey to adoption IS a long one, but I love you and your husband’s passion for it, your willingness to take action…and to deal with the wait while already being parents to your future son/daughter in your heart!

    This week has pretty much been all celebration for me, honestly…and it continues this weekend as we celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. Yay!!

    (Going to have to watch the video a little later since I’m at the office now, but I’ll stop back…)

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Yay for a week of celebrations, Melissa! Those are the BEST!


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