3 C’s – It’s Friday

Two Day Post Surgery 

I’m officially entrenched in revisions for book two, Wishing on Willows.

The revisions are making me feel like a turtle. I was hoping to get a lot more accomplished yesterday than actually got accomplished.

Trying not to worry about things outside of my control. 

Wildflowers from Winter won Clash of the Titles for May. It was a very fun, unexpected surprise!

Hubby is home and recuperating. The surgery couldn’t have gone any better and the kidney loves its new home. 

Come celebrate Casey Herringshaw’s birthday tomorrow! There will be lots of fun giveaways and all kinds of fun! Plus, she shares a birthday with the best guy on the planet. Ryan turns 33 tomorrow. 

Let’s Talk: What are your cares, concerns, and celebrations this week? 

24 thoughts on “3 C’s – It’s Friday

  1. Hello, Katie! So happy your husband’s surgery went well – please tell him I think he’s a hero, too.

    Cares: The summer is slipping by faster than I’d like.
    Concerns: —
    Celebrations: I can’t think of any pressing concerns at the moment! 🙂

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Yay for no concerns!

      Maybe you and I can figure out a way to grab onto this slippery summer and make it stick around a little longer!

  2. Katie,

    God is good. He even takes bad things (like malfunctioning kidneys) and used them for His glory – by giving you the opportunity to have all of us praying for your hubby and brother-in-law. I’ll bet they wouldn’t have had half this much prayer if this hadn’t happened in this season of YOUR life.

    Cares: My house is a stinkin’ mess because I have teenage relatives crashing in my front room and every square inch is strewn with dirty socks, high-tech gadgets, half-full glasses of liquid, and bored-out-of-their-minds-too-hot-to-do-anything-but-eat-sleep-facebook-swim bodies.

    Concerns: Direction, especially work-wise, for my hubs.

    Celebrations: Just received two wonderful new books in the mail from contests I won! Weekend reading material – check!

    Happy editing and don’t forget it’s the weekend,


    1. Katie Ganshert

      It’s awesome how He works things out for His glory, isn’t it? It was crazy how calm and peaceful I felt during the surgery. Definitely covered in prayers.

      Woohoo for weekend reading material!

  3. that’s SO awesome about the surgery! i’m sure you are very proud….i don’t know ryan, and i’m totally proud of him, too. what a special thing he has done for his brother.

    cares: offer for the house wasn’t accepted. trying to figure out if we want to stop negotiations and move on or not.

    concerns: slept funny on my hip, or at least that’s what i’m attributing my limp this morning to. it was fine when i went to bed, hurt when i woke up. no explanation.

    celebrations: parents coming in under a week! talking to friends on the phone! eating chocolate!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Bleck for offers not being accepted. Selling/buying houses can be such a stressful thing!

      Hope your hip is better this morning!

      Yay for parents! And yay for talking to YOU on the phone. I always love talking to you Jeannie. You’re like a breath of fresh air. And you were an awesome help with everything.

  4. Holly Hassenzahl

    So happy to know both Brett and Ryan are on the mend…modern medicine can be such a gift! Amazing. And I loved seeing you last week, even if it was only for a short time! xoxo

    Cares: Life is. so. busy. And time is going too fast because of it. I’m struggling to keep up! But trying to enjoy the ride…

    Concerns: Joel’s dad continues to decline each day. Yesterday he was pretty unresponsive. Joel and his brothers are working out a schedule so that someone is always home to help and support his mom. I think we have a rough few weeks ahead. My heart just aches. And with baby’s arrival coming soon, I don’t even know if I can attend his funeral whenever that may be. Trying so hard to trust God’s timing in all of this.

    Celebrations: In the midst of a crazy schedule and a father-in-law in his last days, I have this sweet baby girl in my belly who loves to stick her feet out my side =) She gives me something joyful to look forward to each day. So I’m just soaking up what’s left of this pregnancy, and continually grateful for it. What an incredible experience it’s been!

    Love you,

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Hey girlie – it was so good to hug you and see you and hang out last weekend. I can’t get over how cute you are. All baby, Holly. And freaking adorable. But I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less.

      Praying for your concern. I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking this is for all of you. Especially with baby girl H on her way.

      Your celebration – now this made me just smile. Almost tear up, actually. I love your heart in the midst of all that is happening. And I love that you get to have this experience.

  5. Alexis

    Hoping my career will take off sooner than later.

    Still in a toxic relationship with sugar.

    It’s Friday! That’s a celebration within itself! 😉

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Oh Alexis…how much I understand that toxic relationship with sugar! It’s so addicting!

      Hoping your career soars off to the sky!

  6. Sooooo glad the surgery went well!!!

    Cares: Hubby is out of town for basically a week. Waah. I’m kind of helpless when stuff on the house goes wrong (like the smoke detector beeping at 2:30 am today…no idea how to fix…Daddy will have to come to the rescue!)

    Concerns: Decision about my job.

    Celebrations: I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m so excited for Melissa Tagg and that she got signed with an agent!! Yay!

    1. CHeck the smoke detector battery and make sure it’s new. Then light a match and see if the smoke sets off the detector. If it still goes off at randowm hours, take the battery out and wait til hubs, or I , get there.

    2. Katie Ganshert

      I’m so excited for Melissa too!! I got to take a peek at her writing and readers are in for a treat. I have NO doubt we’ll be seeing a book on the shelves by her soon.

      Lindsay – praying for you and your job. I totally understand your dilemma, friend. Totally, totally, totally.

  7. I guess cool people are born on July 14, that’s my birthday too! Happy Birthday Ryan & Casey!

    Congrats on COTT!! I’m getting a copy this weekend!

    Don’t let revisions get you down. One fix at a time. You can DO IT!

    I’m celebrating turning nearly 50 (or at least pretending to celebrate, I’m actually in denial), my short-short romance passed the first round of a contest (& is now available for public voting…hint hint 🙂 ), one of my novels is being considered by not 1 but 2 major publishing houses, (wouldn’t a bidding war be lovely?), my daughter is getting married soon to a more awesome guy than we could have imagined, and God’s mercies are brand new today. I think that’s more than enough to celebrate!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Hope you like it Camille! And you know we’ve had words about your age. I need to see your birth certificate if I’m to believe you’re turning fifty today. You and Dani Pettrey (who is supposedly forty) have CRAZY amazing genes.

  8. I’m so thankful your husband and his brother are doing so well! I’ll keep praying for continued healing.

    And yay on your Clash Win! That is awesome!!!!! (Though I can’t say that I’m surprised!)

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Thanks Sherrinda! For those prayers and for celebrating with me on the COTT win!

  9. Cares-my eldest son leaves on the 22nd for 5 days of Air Force selection. GAH!! He wants this, but…do I? Can he do it?? Oh Lord…
    COncerns-I leave in 6 days for a life changing trip to do research for my book. I will be the odd one out in a culture that is the polar opposite of mine. I’ve done it before in Bolivia, but it’s much cuter to screw up in SPanish and Quechua than it is to speak English and screw up and offend people. I’ll be touching a very vey tender part of Navajo history and am a complete outsider.
    I’m thankful to have dear Native American friends who have paved the way for me to ask questions and do research.
    Celebrations- I leave in 6 days!!!!!!

    One more concern?
    I have to colour my eyebrows since the white roots are showing. See how I kept this separate from real issues?
    I do not want to look like I got attacked by a gang of Sharpies.

    1. Katie Ganshert

      LOL, Jennifer – how’d the eyebrow coloring go??

      And I’m crossing my fingers that you meet your Native American character in your book!

      Oh, and your son….I so can see the nerves that would be tied into his trip. For you and for him!

  10. PRAISE the Healer for a successful surgery! Glad everyone is recuperating well!

    CARES: Balancing day job, parenting, independent contracting, and oh, breathing!

    CONCERNS: My oldest daughter is 16 and leaves on a mission trip in a group of 70 for NYC on Saturday. I love this Youth Group will all my heart. One of my dearest friends is a group leader and driver and I just pray for everyone’s safety. Traveling Mercies!

    CELEBRATIONS: My 9 year old has had a wonderful time at soccer camp for the last week. Gratitude for her coaches Paul from London, Anya from Liverpool, and Alex from Newcastle. They were terrific and she learned a lot!

    1. Katie Ganshert

      Hi Elizabeth! How cool about the NYC mission trip. The youth group at our church always goes to NYC in the summer. It seems to be life-changing.

  11. Okay, what I loved about that is her difficulty to let it go. 🙂 Sheesh, like I could relate to that?

    Cares: Steve goes to Haiti soon.
    Concerns: My sister’s cruel decisions. Hope for healing (esp. w/ mama).
    Celebrations: Learning in all of this. Grateful for loving folks in my life.

    1. Wendy, I have a sister who is NOT remotely anywhere within a thousand miles of any kind of healing with our mom, or me. Am I close to where you’re coming from? Honestly, I hope not. I really, really hope not.

    2. Katie Ganshert

      Been praying for you, Wendy. My heart breaks.


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