Friday Favorite: The Sixth Man

Friday FavoritesHowdy friends!

This week’s Friday favorite is about my friend and fellow adoptive mama, Jenny Hoffman.

She and her family have been, like me, traveling the adoption journey for a looooong time.

They are adopting a little boy from Korea named Noah.

Recently, adoptions from Korea changed (like international adoptions are so apt to do) and a 2nd trip to the country is now required.

The Hoffman’s went from being fully funded to not so much. International airfare for two is no cheap thing.

They need to raise $5000 more in order to afford the required 2nd trip.

So they are doing a puzzle fundraiser of their own!

$10 to sponsor a piece.

Your name, or any name you’d like, will be written on the back.

The Hoffman’s have 500 pieces to go!

I know how Jenny must be feeling.

Like there’s just no way that puzzle’s ever going to get completed.

But then, so many of you overwhelmed us Gansherts with a flood of support that blew our ever-lovin’ socks off!

Let’s do the same for Jenny!

You can check out a picture of her adorable little boy and see a picture of the puzzle by visiting her blog.

Let’s Talk: What’s one of your favorites from your week?

One thought on “Friday Favorite: The Sixth Man

  1. Cookie Hofmann

    Thanks for mentioning the puzzle fundraiser, Katie. By the way…loved the first book. Jenny is supposed to be bringing me the 2nd one, but I may have to remind her! You have a God-given talent. Glad you are using it to bless others.


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