Friday Favorite: Top 5 Combos

Friday FavoritesEvery Sunday morning, my husband ventures out into the wide world to get us donuts and coffee.

He tweeted the other day that the two–donuts and coffee–are one of his top five favorite combinations.

Then he made the hashtag #Top5Combo, inviting others to share their favorites.

Here are mine….

  • my Bible and early morning silence
  • my boys and goofiness
  • a good book and a rainy day
  • diet coke and uninterrupted writing time
  • taco soup & a blustery winter evening

Let’s Talk: Share some of your favorite combos!

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17 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Top 5 Combos

  1. Chocolate chip cookies and milk.

  2. Vickie J.

    Coffee and flavored creamer

  3. Beverly Lytle

    1. Me and my hubby
    2. A quiet house and a good book

  4. Claudia Castenir

    Quiet time with the Lord and coffee
    My husband and me
    Friends and coffee
    Tuesday nights and my WSG group (Women Serving God)
    Granddaughters and grandson
    Sunday afternoons and naps
    Time and great books
    Black-eyed peas and cornbread

  5. These are so fun!

    1. My favorite sweatshirt and jeans. It’s a sweatshirt I bought right after high school–which makes it sound like I’m the same size. I’m not. Baggie was just in back then. πŸ™‚

    2. Reese’s PB cups.

    3. My kids and the latest AFV.

    4. The Final Four and baseball’s opening day

    5. Spring and eastern Kansas–drop-dead gorgeous!

  6. That’s a great list! Some of mine are:

    β€’ lying on the beach and reading
    β€’ writing and reading
    β€’ grilled cheese and tomato soup
    β€’ chocolate and peanuts (Goobers are my fave!)
    β€’ my husband and laughter

    Have a great weekend, Katie!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  7. Katie Ganshert

    I’m LOVING these!! And how could I forget CHIPS and SALSA?! I think that has to be one of my top five!

  8. Last of the Mohicans and kettle cooked chips.
    Earl Grey tea and anything
    Power tools and a beaten up antique
    Pride >AND< Prejudice πŸ˜‰
    Chocolate and Cadbury
    A challenging piece of music and 'being in good voice'
    A good book and a lawn chair

  9. Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
    Pizza and Friday.
    Hike and Hubby.
    Milk Duds and Popcorn (and a movie)

  10. Warm summer breeze, birds singing, time in the Word πŸ™‚

  11. Jelly beans & writing time
    Skyping and brainstorming with a writing buddy
    Walking with my husband and holding hands
    Reading a book and a hot cup of tea
    Friday nights and a classic movie

    Love this, Katie!

  12. My son and daughter πŸ™‚
    Coffee and a bagel
    Peanut M&Ms and writing

  13. FUN! Some of my favorite combos:

    My mom and dad
    A snowy day and a fireplace
    An old movie and popcorn
    Flannel and me πŸ™‚

  14. Strawberry banana smoothies (yummy)
    A good book and my pellet stove (in winter)
    Purple and black (I wear this combo often)
    Writing and rewriting (One makes the other better)
    Gwynly and me! (My favorite combo of all :-))

  15. I might have to borrow this idea for a Friday topic. (-:

  16. I’ll go with cool autumn Saturdays (rare here in S.C.!) and college football!

    1. I’m right there with you, Ryan! Don’t forget “College Gameday” on television, too. My favorite!!


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