Friday Favorite: Rubber Legs

Friday FavoritesI went running for the first time in two years this week……TWICE!

Sure, my legs were sore as all get out the next day.

Sure, I huffed and puffed like a train engine.

But it sure felt good to get the heart pumping!

And get this. The first day, as I’m chugging along, I pass this older gentleman who smiles at me and says, “Good job!”

I love the way God gives us those little winks of encouragement.

Let’s Talk: Working out….love it or hate it?

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Rubber Legs

  1. I LOVE working out when I can see the results. I HATE working out when I don’t feel like I’m making progress.

  2. I love to play competitive, physical games, but dislike jogging. However, this year I decided to take steps to a more healthy lifestyle. So now I “wog” regularly. If I say I’m jogging, I’ll quit (I know me!). So I go for a walk and then jog to get my heartrate up = wog. I’m now up to jogging 75 percent or more of my outing and feel great. Most importantly, I look forward to going out. Just keep moving–that’s the key in my book. Enjoy the healthier you…and His winks!

  3. Running–hate it but I do it sometimes.
    Zumba? Love it. And it’s a great work out.

  4. I don’t mind working up a sweat and getting the heart pumping, but anticipating it is like knowing you have to take a driver’s test or get blood drawn. But once you get through it, you can’t beat that wonderful sense of achievement.

  5. I can’t lie and say I LOVE working out…however, lately I honestly have been looking forward to my elliptical-and-music sessions. Of course, when working out becomes a form of procrastination from writing, then I worry that I’ve got bigger problems than being in shape. Haha!

  6. I’m not gonna lie, if I could stay fit without it I probably would but as it is now, I have learned to love it! Running totally unlocks my mind. Great time to brainstorm 🙂

  7. If it doesn’t feel like exercise, like going for a walk, it’s ok.

  8. Alena Tauriainen

    Love it! Years ago I decided to make working out “me” time. It changed my perspective and I look forward to it! That being said — I am NOT a size 4 and I’m okay with it. My goal is to stay healthy. Keep running — you can do it!


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