Wishing on Willows Devotional: Moments

soap bubble

Excerpt from book:

I had this terrifying thought that something could happen. That moments were fleeting and with the snap of a finger, he could be gone. ~Robin Price, Wishing on Willows


It’s hard to believe that my son will be off to kindergarten in the fall. Something about this milestone, more than any other, has me pondering the speed with which time travels. It honestly feels like just yesterday I was lying in that hospital bed, cuddling his tiny, warm body in my arms.

Moments are so quick. I think this is something anybody who’s ever lost a loved one realizes. This world and our lives are fleeting and temporary. We are here today and gone tomorrow—truly like a breath.

What do we do with this truth?

I think it could be tempting to despair. Or maybe question our significance.

But let’s not mistaken smallness for irrelevance.

Every moment we have, every breath we breathe, is given to us from a God who gave us life. He knows the hairs on our heads and He bottles every one of our tears. He’s invited us to be a part of the biggest, grandest story of all time.

So let’s be intentional with this breath of a life we live. Instead of going about our days with a heart of ingratitude or fear or indifference, let’s use every moment God gives us to live courageously and love recklessly and worship fully and pour out our lives for His glory. Let’s not dwell on the past or worry about tomorrow, but embrace the gift of today.


This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~Psalm 118:24


Lord, thank you that although we are small and our lives are short, they are not meant to be insignificant. May we see our lives as an opportunity to take part in an amazing story told by an even more amazing author.

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