The Scariest Answer

hazy streetSo last night I had this epiphany.

You ready for it?

Sometimes the scariest road to walk down is the one marked YES. <–click to tweet

I mean, really. God’s YES can be 100% scarier than His NO.

Look, don’t get me wrong.

When it comes to all prayers worth getting on our knees about, all those heartfelt petitions we bring before the Lord–our greatest dreams and our biggest wishes and the deepest desires of our hearts–NO is not a fun answer.

It can be deflating.




But it’s also safe.

It’s familiar.

NO doesn’t involve risk, because when you get a NO, you just keep doing what you were already doing.

YES, on the other hand. YES means stepping out into something new.

And that can be a scary beast of a step.

For one, there’s the whole dilemma of figuring out whether God actually said YES, or whether we just want this thing (whatever it is) so badly, we are fabricating theย  YES in our heads.

I mean, if we’re going to step out into new territory, we want to make sure we’re not putting words into His mouth, right? But how exactly do we make sure of that?

I think it’s helpful to go back to these two things:

  • God loves us.
  • And He wants us to do His will.

So if we’re on our knees–nay, our FACES–before Him. Begging God to keepย  us in His will. To lead us and guide us. To confirm. To close doors. To slam those puppies shut with a bang. To give peace or unrest. To speak and speak clearly. To not let us stray from His paths. And if in the midst of all that, our heart’s cry is HIS WILL–nothing less than His Best for our lives, fully surrendering what we think His best should look like at the altar of “we know better”–then I don’t think this God we worship will let us step outside of His will so easily.

I mean, if my son, whom I love, came to me begging for wisdom and guidance and clear direction for something that mattered dearly to him, I wouldn’t blow him off. I wouldn’t be silent. I would do what good parents do–guide him through whatever waters he’s trying to navigate.

So let’s say we’re praying those prayers and then God says yes, or at the very least, He tells us to step forward into this scary unknown…

Then man, that’s a little terrifying, isn’t it?

The unknown is scary.

Especially since we know from the Bible that God’s YES is not always met with blessing and success and ease and prosperity with a pretty sunset, a big bow, and a happily ever after.

Sometimes God’s YES leads to pain or failure or ridicule or rejection or sickness or (insert any number of bad things here).

And when those things come, we’re tempted to look back and second guess if we ever really heard Him at all.

I guess that’s why it’s so important to listen from the get-go. To pray. To seek Godly counsel. To open up our Bibles every morning, because the Word’s not called living and active for nothing.

And when we feel that holy, undeniable nudge, we put one terrified foot in front of the other.

What terrifying YES has God given you lately?

8 thoughts on “The Scariest Answer

  1. Such a true and uplifting message. This is something I haven’t really thought about before, but it makes perfect sense. I think the fear of YES often goes as an unnamed tendency of human nature. Thank you for sharing this piece of wisdom, Katie!

  2. A really big one. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I can’t talk about it.
    You’re so right though, sometimes the YES is scary.
    That’s why they say, “Be careful what you pray for.”

  3. Yes to beginning the process to adopt another child hopefully! Either through private adoption or foster care.

  4. Kelly

    Yes to writing. Not painstakingly hard-nosed “I gotta get published!” Writing, but just. Writing. I’ve heard no for so long, and now I’m hearing yes. And what I thought I heard yes on turns out it was my yes and his silence because I was so determined to do it my way. If I would have listened. Honestly listened, I’m pretty sure I would have hear no. :/
    But then I did listen. And now…I’m scared! But He’s gently reminding me that all I need to do is let Him lead me. I don’t have to rush or push anything. I’ve shown what I can do. Haha! I flop! But he can create masterpieces!! ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s kind of a “I’m freaking out” kind of excitement. lol. And yes. Very scary. Cause now…I gotta move!

  5. Cheers to the YES! Let’s step out in it together. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. GAH I tried to leave a comment a few minutes ago and it vanished. UNFAIR! lol!

    But the gist of that once long and rambley comment is simply this: I feel like this was written for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugely. Thanks so much for writing it, Katie!

  7. When did you crawl up in my head and read my thoughts?!?!?!? And have you seen my “big, scary” step out? My Tessa? She’s published now, you know!!! that’s not scary at all, publishing a book [like you don’t know that!!! 0.0 ] And that first Author event, the signing and reading – I was so nervouse!! [which don’t make no sense at’all!!!]
    Beautiful, wonderful, timely, and on-point post! Thank you Katie!!

  8. Kara Isaac

    No terrifying yes recently which makes me suspect there must be one coming sometime soon ๐Ÿ˜‰


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