Friday Favorite: Seven Free Devotionals

WoWFacebookTimelinePhotoToday’s Friday Favorite is a fun bonus for readers!

Anyone who pre-orders Wishing on Willows will receive seven devotionals.

Each one touches on an important theme in the novel.

Each one includes a small snippet from the book.

I hope they leave you blessed and encouraged!

To download your copy, click on this link and fill in the requested information. My publisher will send you the download via email.

Let’s Talk: What’s one of your favorites from the week?


Friday Favorite: A Facebook Status Update

Friday FavoritesYesterday, the DRC adoption community was abuzz with a heavy dose of confusion and frustration.

The latest news from the embassy set off an onslaught of fear and conjecture and what-ifs.

The timeline to complete an adoption will most likely be extended 3-6 months.

And for adoptive parents, extensions are hard.

I promise to elaborate more later, but for now, allow me to share a Facebook status update from a fellow DRC adoptive mama named Lindsy Wallace:

Waiting Foster and Adopting Mama’s, particularly DRC friends today, God gave me a message I believe was meant for all of you as well…

I know the waiting is maddening, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching. I know how you long for this process to be over and your family to be legal and official and complete. But God wants you to BE IN YOUR STORY. Just BE in it. Because He has so much to teach us here. So much we couldn’t learn any other way that will make us more like Him and open for His glory.

So I know it sucks. I really do, but join me by being in it and seeking Him while you are here.

Wow, thank you Lindsy.

If ever I needed that reminder, yesterday was it.

So let me ask you, friends, whatever story you find yourself in – are you letting yourself BE in it? Are you open to whatever it is God wants to teach right where you are?

Let’s Talk: What”s one of your favorites from the week?