Travel Reading

bookOn Friday, I will board a plane. I will fly to Chicago, to Brussels, to Kinshasa, where I will spend one whole week with my daughter. 

Made possible by so many of you, who gave hope wings.

It’s something that will never cease to blow my mind.

And on this last Monday before my departure, I was all prepared to write something honest and raw and vulnerable about the state of my heart. But then I thought, “Who has the energy for that?”

Not me. 

So let’s go with something a little less…..intense, shall we?

Like reading and travel.

Let’s Talk: What kind of reading material do you take along on long trips? Any recommendations for me?

I will be taking a two week blogging break, since next Monday I will be in Africa and the Monday after that, I will be somewhere up in the air, most likely reading one of the books you’ve recommended. 

Happy Release!

release trifectaTo my dear friend, Becky Wade, for the release of her novel, Undeniably Yours!

Friends, if you’re a fan of inspirational contemporary romance that is of the impossible-to-put-down variety, then Becky’s an author to check out.

And then happy early release to two other dear friends, Beth Vogt and Meg Moseley.

Beth’s novel, Catch a Falling Star, releases next Tuesday, May 7th. As well as Meg Moseley’s, Gone South.

I’ve read both for endorsement and found them thoroughly enjoyable!

Beth’s is sure to make many a romance reader swoon.

And Meg is quickly becoming one of my favorite women’s fiction authors.

Hope you get a chance to check out these talented authors!

Let’s Talk: Which authors do you love sharing with your friends?

Easter Egg Blog Hop

God Gave Us EasterWelcome to the Easter Egg Blog Hop! Today I am hosting the seventh stop along this ten-stop-hop.

What’s the Easter Egg Blog Hop? Learn more about it here, and join the fun!

Today’s stop is all about Easter Trivia! It’s amazing what you can find out about Easter with a simple internet search. For example, did you know the largest chocolate rabbit was created in South Africa in 2010 by Harry Johnson? It was over 12 feet tall, and weighed 3 tons. That is a lot of chocolate!

Of course, we know that Easter isn’t about the chocolate rabbits or the Easter eggs. As Little Cub discovers in God Gave Us Easter, this holiday is the most important celebration of all because we are celebrating the gift of life God gave us that first Easter day. So while we do remember and give thanks for God’s gift this Easter, we can also spread a little Easter cheer with a few fun facts about this amazing holiday!

Did you know…

  • Eggs were traditionally used in pre-Christian festivals as the symbol of new life, purity or fertility. Later customs concerning eggs were linked with Easter because the egg provided a fresh and powerful symbol of the Resurrection and the transformation of death into life.
  • President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife, Lucy, started the traditional Easter Monday Easter Egg Roll at the White House in 1878 after a new law passed in 1877 preventing children from rolling their Easter Eggs on the lawn of the Capital Building. The tradition has continued every year, with the only exceptions being during the war years of World War I and World War II.
  • Decorating and coloring eggs for Easter was the custom in England during the Middle Ages. The household accounts of Edward I, for the year 1290, recorded an expenditure of eighteen pennies for four hundred and fifty eggs to be gold-leafed and colored for Easter gifts.

(Thanks to a few resources, including, for the information!)

The Numbers…

  • 16 Billion…that’s the number of jelly beans that are made for Easter each year
  • 70 percent…of Easter candy purchased is chocolate
  • 8,968…pounds: the weight of Guinness World Records’ largest egg ever made
  • 5 million…marshmallow chicks and bunnies are made daily in preparation for the holiday
  • 90 Million…chocolate bunnies are made for Easter each year
  • 76 percent…of Americans say people should eat the ears first on a chocolate bunny
  • 2.1 Billion…dollars spent on Easter candy annually
  • 28.11…dollars: the amount the average American spends on Easter candy

(Thanks to for the information!)

Today’s Easter Egg: Did one of these facts surprise you? Head on over to the entry form and let us know which fact you found most interesting today!

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