The Gathering by Katie Ganshert

The Gathering

Darkness is a tricky thing.
Especially when it cloaks itself in light.

Luka isn’t dead. He’s not beyond saving. Tess knows because she saw him with her own eyes. After what she saw, she’s sure of one thing: If they don’t rescue him soon, Luka won’t be Luka anymore.

If only she could convince the other members of the hub. They’re not sure Tess saw what she claims she saw. And they’re preoccupied by the fact that their kind is being systematically eradicated. Answers lie in an ancient prophecy, one that revolves around a seventeen-year-old girl who never asked for any of this.

K.E. Ganshert’s final installment in The Gifting Series brings readers on an action-packed journey through loss, sacrifice, betrayal, and the impossible choice between what we want most and what we know is right.

Chapter Titles:

Chapter One: Nobody’s Listening
Chapter Two: Molten Lava
Chapter Three: Unstable
Chapter Four: Gallons and Gallons
Chapter Five: Ramifications
Chapter Six: The Truth About Bait
Chapter Seven: Death March
Chapter Eight: An Eternity
Chapter Nine: The Devouring
Chapter Ten: Weapon of Choice
Chapter Eleven: A New Home
Chapter Twelve: A Familiar Sound
Chapter Thirteen: Off, Off, and Away
Chapter Fourteen: A Nasty Shock
Chapter Fifteen: Lost
Chapter Sixteen: Help
Chapter Seventeen: One Final, Fading Snippet
Chapter Eighteen: Expected
Chapter Nineteen: Tests
Chapter Twenty: A Tumor
Chapter Twenty-One: The Prophecy Revealed
Chapter Twenty-Two: Confessions
Chapter Twenty-Three: Found
Chapter Twenty-Four: The List
Chapter Twenty-Five: Disparities
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Symbol
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Gagged and Bound
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Aftermath
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Burial
Chapter Thirty: New Home, Familiar Faces
Chapter Thirty-One: Surprise, Surprise
Chapter Thirty-Two: Behind the Door
Chapter Thirty-Three: A Big Difference
Chapter Thirty-Four: Parties and Cougars and Snipers, Oh My
Chapter Thirty-Five: Like Sheep
Chapter Thirty-Six: House of Cards
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Complete
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Blind
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Clouds and Bars
Chapter Forty: Gesundheit
Chapter Forty-One: Arseways
Chapter Forty-Two: Dear Daddy
Chapter Forty-Three: Frantic
Chapter Forty-Four: Overcome
Chapter Forty-Five: The Death Knell
Chapter Forty-Six: An Unexpected Twist
Chapter Forty-Seven: A Choice
Chapter Forty-Eight: The Whole Thing
Chapter Forty-Nine: He’s Not the Only One
Chapter Fifty: We Meet Again
Chapter Fifty-One: The Prophecy Fulfilled
Chapter Fifty-Two: To Die is to Live
Chapter Fifty-Three: Closure
Chapter Fifty-Four: Beyond Explanation
Chapter Fifty-Five: Goodbye
Chapter Fifty-Six: Reminders
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Birthday Wishes