Luka by author Katie Ganshert


Fans of the The Gifting series have long been asking for more and award-winning author K.E. Ganshert has delivered! Experience the intrigue, the romance, and the chilling world of The Gifting, where the mentally unstable are locked away and belief in the supernatural has been eradicated. This time, from Luka’s point of view with never-before-seen content.

17-year-old Luka Williams has a secret. He sees things nobody else can see, feels things nobody else can feel, and dreams about the same girl every night. A girl in danger. A girl he must save. A girl who doesn’t exist.

Until one day, she does. Her family moves in next door—upending his world. Calling into question everything he thought he knew. Maybe he’s not crazy after all. Maybe the things he sees are as real as the girl from his dreams.

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