Life After Book Club Questions

(Thank you to the readers on my Facebook Author Page who created these questions!)

Who was one of your favorite characters and why?

Did you enjoy the setting? Have you ever been to Chicago?

Autumn had one event that changed her whole life. Have you experienced anything in your life that has changed you? Discuss.

How did the families of the victims react differently to their loss?  

Autumns family both overwhelmed her and drew her back into the world. Discuss her relationship with them.

This author isn’t afraid to have the characters ask hard faith questions. What question or moment stood out to you? What questions do you have in your own faith journey and how have they been answered?

One overarching theme was the problem of evil. What thoughts did Autumn have as she worked through the conundrum of how God can be good but there is still great evil in the world?

The story of Lazarus is mentioned. How does it relate to Autumn’s story? Why is the revelation taken from this story so healing for Autumn? Can you relate?

One of the themes is “the truth will set you free.” Discuss how how the truth set Paul and Reese free. 

Autumn wrote in a journal to help her cope. Reese wrote letters. Discuss the benefits of both. Are there any dangers? What other means do people use to digest and grieve great loss?

Were there any other lines from the novel that resonated with you that you haven’t yet discussed? Share with the group. Why did this particular line resonate so deeply?